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Why did Michael Henchard fail? Essay -- English Literature

Why did Michael Henchard fail?The Mayor of Casterbridge is a novel about the rise and fall of amercurial man called Michael Henchard. The book takes us through hislife when he is twenty-one and outlines his mounting and descent insociety.Michael Henchard is a man of many characteristics. Amongst hischaracteristics he has a kind, honest and determined personality alongwith a cold, ruthless, and stubborn personality. Henchardsimpulsiveness, obstreperous attitude, self-centredness made failureinevitable in his life.We first meet Henchard a disconsolate twenty-one year old hay-trusser,he is married with a young daughter. We see Henchard sell his wife anddaughter in a drunken rage in furmity tent at a county fair. At firstit was a bit of a joke, a friendly give-and-take but then it turned nasty.The two main reasons for Henchard not sustenance down from his offer of awife and daughter this was alcohol and his pride. alcoholic drink played a greatheartedpart in Henchards mistakes in life. He often regrets things after hedoes them, and suffers the consequences like the feature that he sold hiswife and daughter to a sailor whom he had not known, a completestranger for five guineas. It stays on his sense of right and wrong and haunts him.Henchard was young and naive and felt that his wife and daughter werea lodge upon him, and he felt he needed a new start. The sale of hiswife and daughter suggests Henchard is childish and stubborn. It isalmost as if when Henchard is under the regularise of alcohol he turnsinto a aggressive child saying No I said I will sell my wife anddaughter, I dont solicitude what happens I said i will and I willThe close morning Henchard knows that he has committed a terrible sin,but the fact that Hencha... ...hard is now declared bankrupt and in front of the creditors throwsdown his gilded watch rather childishly. He would do this because he isa real proud man and he wants nothing.He had used his one talent of naught to create a p osition ofaffluence out of absolutely nothing. ane thing about Michael Henchard is that you have to admire him forwhat he has achieved in his life, his energy, aspirations and ending allowed him to do this. But the only problem is thatHenchard is too impulsive and acts n emotions, and does not thinkbefore he acts. That is why he failed in life. I also believe thatfate played a big part in his failure. For example the weatherforecast, he acted on caprice and he did not think about theaccuracy of the reading.So boilers suit I think that Michael Henchards character contributed tohis failure along with pure fate.

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Marketing The New Car Brand

In un several(predicate)iated dodging, it is assumed that the grocery is one and only(a) great resembling unit, with no signifi outhouset differences between individuals thin that securities industry. 4. 3) Customized access code Companies overlook customized come along to make grease profitable in market as it is strategy which is adopt to rail for individually guest as opposed to each segment. This approach is dominant in market. This approach base make brand different from other auto brands by expectant the different requirements in assembly telephone wire. Undifferentiated merchandise would be the best for England sec.According to Blithe, undifferentiated marketing is about exploitation a scatter gun approach (2012 85). In the win(a) plans we go away introduce customized approach as well. By adopting this approach we can make our brand different from other car brands by giving the different requirements in assembly line for the manufacture of automobiles. The cars result non be class-leaders, and European models will advise higher standards, but the put to describeher England SEC is at least inoffensive and should offer lots of room. 5. set Kettle (1997) says that Positioning is the act of designing the companys offering and tar mystify clients minds.Positioning is non what you do to a overlap it is what you do to the mind of a position (Rise and Trout, 1972). To make our brand compete in racket we learn to focalization on some positioning strategies. Fig (AAA) According to market mess Renault has positioned their brand up, that creates a vacuum and Geol. can hold that position. As AKA, Haunted, revise and Citroen will be the main competitors for our England SEC, so in order to get across in the market we have to introduce more competitive strategies. along with providing low price and longest indorsement, Geol. has to pay more focus on customer works.Therefore geol. is providing breakdown cover for three years and as ge ol. single(a) Geol. will provide customers with low premium or can likewise offer them change in their premium n heavy months so that customer will pass to buy the car and can offer discount if they make the payment in full as one off payment. This will help Geol. to stand out than other competitors and will help to get more sales and profit. 6. Marketing Mix The confines marketing swagger was first coined by Neil Borden, the president of American crosstie in 1953. It is a mixture of sev terml ideas and plans brought forward to promote a particular product and brand.The subdivisions of marketing mix atomic number 18 often called the quadruple As of marketing which atomic number 18 product price promotion postal renovation Fig (AAA) This four ups concept was used in old era when choice was limited with no extra services. But now in this changing consumer marketing services with product are essential which gives rescind to 5th P I. E. People. Some commentators added two m ore As which are physical evidence and processes. For our Geol. England SEC, we have used these 7 As as follow 6. 1) Product Product quality and reliability should be in our mind if we are going to dumbfound consumer market.The specification of England SEC is 0-MPH 12. south Top speed 1 MPH Economy 43. Amps ICC 181 g/km Kerr weight keg Engine type 4 heel beget Power EBPP at ramp Torque 127 lb. Ft. At ramp gear box 5- SSP manual. Rupees automotive fit-and-finish surgical incisions certainly dont have anything to fear from this car Our brand Geol. England SEC provides convenience and comfort, reliable performance and long warranty of 7 years to compete main competitor Aka because Skis unique selling point is its 7-year warranty ( line of products case studies, 2012).The SEC isnt going to threaten Rupees class-leading family cars but from EYE. O for a full-sized family car, no one will expect it to. 6. 2) price Sound determine decisions are crucial to a successful business and sho uld be considered at both long-term strategic and short-term tactical levels. We priced our brand similar to competitor and Geol. SEC will be EYE that is cheap and low-priced for the purchase of a new-fashioned car. Geol. will be launched as an launching level, for money. Geol. will providing easy finances and as well provide discount to the customers who will pay the balance off in one payment. . 3) Promotion As people in UK are not aware of our brand Geol., so we will spend a huge amount to promote by participation in automobile exhibitions, advertising on internet, swappers, magazines radio, television and by personal selling leaflets. 6. 4) Place The place aspect of marketing mix deals with the distribution channel for products and services. In order to control the distribution channel, Geol. at the beginning will generate more automotive dealers so that the car display shops go high and people can easily approach it.We will increase the numbers of directly operated stores in order to get an access to the local markets and will also create a website in order to reserve a place in the e-commerce world. 6. 5) People This element of marketing mix covers the front line sales and customer service cater ho will have a direct affect on how your product is perceived. Galleys distributors will not only make their staff well-trained and knowledgeable about the product, but also there will be the right kind of people for the Job. Geol. will consider customer service as top preference. . 6) Physical Evidence Geol. will provide as much evidence of the quality as possible. To make customer unstrain and confident Geol. will also offer test drive service, so the customer can have some practical evidence in the first place buying. Geol. will ask for feedback from customers so we can trail to attract new customers. 6. 7) Processes The process part of the mix is about be easy to do business with. Geol. will provide customer with customer help line number which wil l be easily accessible to the right department to solve their problem.Geol. will also design its website with update technology, which will bring with the availably or non-availability of the product in particular shops. These advances processes will help Geol. to attract customers because of its easy-to approach method. 7. SOOT ANALYSIS weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in a project or in business venture. The soot analysis for Geol. SEC is briefly draw in table below Table (AAA) 8. Recommendations We should go for media advertising to emend brand image by spreading company policies and innovations to our consumer.Advertisement of Geol. through different channel like web, print media etc. Is also necessary. As customer today has become more cynical, time constrained and demanding therefore to deliver real customer satisfaction, our priority at launch is to have a trained representative network. Mostly customers have occupys about customer services, to get market edge we have to make and consistently keep our customer service as good as customer involve and acquirement. Geol. can target new customer through logical appraisal and feedback.We should have to customize our product according to customer desire like lovingness styled alloy rims for young customers, diesel engine for customers doing high motorway gasoline mileage etc. Geol. should do engine modifications to attract wide range of customers. Geol. should not be market orientated only for capturing the consumer technology and have to do some innovation regarding car specifications like car interior/ exterior design in order to compete with other car manufacturers and to capture consumer intentions. We have to widen our range as quickly as possible, belike at least a new model range every(prenominal) year for the next few years. 9.Summary of Days word the Days article says that business performance depends on the advance skill in discretion the customer which has being generall y approved by the marketing research worker who says the impact is high in market orientation on business performance. It is almost axiomatic that through on-going monitoring of customers, their needs, and market conditions, firms adapt to develop and deliver the products and services that are valued by customers by using total quality management (TTS). This behavior, termed market orientation (MO), is now fundamental to marketing thought and practice as a key prognosticator of firm performance.However, the construct continues to receive critical, largely adverse, commentary from some scholars, beetle and Parallax (1994) argued that an MO leaves the organization open to the tyranny of the server market in which managers see the world only through their current customers eyes and develop TTS which does not give positive output. Brother, Hilbert, and Pit (1999) suggested that being market oriented detracts from innovation. The common theme among the criticisms is that businesses p ay a penalty or being market oriented.Slater and Nerve (1995) also argued that MO is inherently entrepreneurial because a market-oriented firm is able to anticipate and respond to the latent and emerging needs of customers. Mentor, and ?isomer (2002) found that MO mediated the impact of entrepreneurial proclivity on business performance. Although they advance the literature, these studies do not explicitly acknowledge or measure the proactive dimension of MO and thereby fail to respond adequately to the charge that MO is overly responsive However, significant gaps persist in responding to the critics.First, scholars present an overly positive view of responsive and proactive MO they neglect the potential costs associated with each dimension of MO that may diminish firm performance. The responsive and proactive market orientations may influence overall new product program performance through their impacts on incremental and motif innovations, respectively. This suggests that proje ct teams working on product improvements may practice responsive MO, while those working on radical innovations practice proactive market orientation. 0. Summary of the new consumer article collide with appendix, page 12. 11. Critical appraisal of recommendations in relation to Days article In our recommendations we are quite agreed with Days initial argument that customers are very important and the more you know what customers want, the more you are going to do business profitably. And we also recommended that business should relate and mould its capabilities according to customers demand. But we are not agreed with Days controversy of being totally market oriented using TTS.Here we will oriented because it get distracted from innovation and thats why we recommended that Geol. should not be market orientated only for capturing the consumer market UT also should have a look over future aspects and innovations. 12. Relating critical appraisal to the new consumer As relating new consumer to the recommendation made on the days article, we analyses baker also said that the consumer should be given be given importance as the business environment has been changed now.He said the key challenges facing consumer marketers have been thrown and twisted up by the tectonic change that has impacted the macro-marketing environment. In the transfer from a production-driven to a consumption-led economy, conventional approaches to consumer marketing are not succeeding in enabling organizations to master the dynamic complexity of the new market place. These key challenges can be summarized as the need to Address the concern of brand owners and retailers. Embrace the new consumer. Help organizations develop real consumer responsiveness. convey marketing out of its crisis.

Corporate Events in Intramuros

University of the Philippines Manila National Graduate Office for the Health Sciences How umteen Corporate showcases on a particular calendar week twenty-four hour period in intramural? Sherry Ann N. Shares 2014- 85177 2014-2015/ 1st semester Master in Management / College of Arts and Sciences riddle of the Study How many Corporate topics on a particular week day in Intramural?Introduction of the Study Corporate effect Is an point sponsored by a corporation for the purpose of cleaving specific goals and objectives much(prenominal) as entertaining customers, Introducing and promoting new products or services, or providing Incentives or genteelness for employees, as well as other activities (Wiley International Dictionary of Event control all basic principles of project management (Mastitis, P. , &038 Tooled, W. , 2002). Based on research, the areas of management for merged exits are the if scope, quantify, cost, risk, content, human re ejaculates, procurement, and commu nication.Thus, there is a lease to identify that factors that is relative to the number of embodied events per day. Locale of the field of force The locale of the reckon is Intramural which is suited in Manila City. It is a 64-hectare scent citadel, founded by the Spanish in 1571, and has withstood wars, natural disasters and successive waves of colonial invaders, and such stands as a metaphor of Manila itself. (http//content. Time. Com/time/travel/citywide/article/ Intramural is a Latin word meaning inwardly the walls. A place or monument of the Spanish period in the Philippine history.It is also known as the Walled City. It is one of the brain tour destination in the Philippines. Fig. 1 Map of Intramural guesswork Hon. No. Of corporate events per day is not relative with the span of time of the event Ha No. F corporate events per day is significantly relative to the day of the week. Research Methods This presents the methods used in the research and the respondents of the study to gather the data needed. Methods The instrument and method being used in gathering the necessary data. Interview.Used by the tec to the gather the primary source of data, it also gave the researchers the opportunity to gather the list of events in Intramural. Furthermore, it gave the opportunity to crystalise issues concerning the problem. Walk-in Observation. The observation was also an excellent source of data. The research opinionated to conduct walk-in observation at the last minute of the study since the hotel do not provide education on their corporate events. Respondents in that location are two respondents/source of the study The Flyleaf Hotel and the Intramural institution. The Flyleaf Hotel. The only hotel inside Intramural.Launched in November 2011, this boutique hotel promises a restful experience for its guests given its 5 star quality beddings, room amenities and a spacious nates (http//www. Tableland. Com. PH/ about-us). Intramural Administration (IA). A national government assurance created on April 10, 1979, under Presidential Decree 1616. It is tasked to restore the Walled City of Intramural and develop it into a prime urban phaeton destination. Siss objective is to bring this city within a city socially, economically and culturally executable again while as a main center of tourist activity in the City of Manila.It is involved not only in the restoration but also in urban renewal and income generation (IA leaflet). Data Gathering The researcher self-collected data from a hotel (Flyleaf Hotel) and government agency (Intramural Administration). The information from the hotel were exclusive which exulted to a walk-in observation and sampling. On the other hand, data gathering finished the government agency was easier through their list and schedule of corporate events for the form 2014. The researcher also realise articles and books on Corporate Events Management and other related topics to the study.The Flyleaf Hotel. On a phone interview with Ms. Marie Toleration, Sales Manager of The Flyleaf, they could not provide the information needed. She also said that most of the events held at the hotel were exclusive and not open up to the public. Since the researcher id not gathered information from the hotel, it resulted to the conduct of a walk-in random sampling at the last minute and to have the number of events in a hotel and a comparison of data. The researcher conducted a random walk-in sampling on the number of events in the hotel on August 27, 2014 (Wednesday) and August 29, 2014 (Thursday).It was found-out that there is no corporate event held in said hotel on August 27, 2014 and there were four (4) corporate events on August 28, 2014. Intramural Administration (IA). The researcher conducted interview with the touristry Promotion Division of the IA. The IA has the authority among the public places and venues inside Intramural. All of the events within the vicinity of the Intramural is and mu st be approved by the IA olibanum the said agency has the list of the approved corporate events for the year (2014).Data founding and Analysis This presents the data gathered based on the information gathered from the IA and the Flyleaf Hotel in Intramural. Table 1 . Corporate Events at the Flyleaf Hotel (August 25-31, 2014) DAYS OF THE calendar week (August 25-31, 2014) No. Of corporate events (Frequency) Monday No data gathered Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 4 Saturday Sunday TOTAL Based on a two-day observation of the corporate events held at the Flyleaf Intramural, it shows that one day of the week (Wednesday) has no corporate event and on the other day of the week (Thursday) has 4 events.These events are impact and trainings of the employees of different corporation. So, it is not open to public. Data also shows that the week of day or the schedule of the event is relative on the number of events per day. Though, it could not be concluded since it is only a two-day observation. Table 2. Corporate Event per Day of the Week in Intramural Noun 9 15, 2014) DAYS OF THE workweek (JUNE 9-15, 2014) Friday 3 Table 2 shows that data gathered from the Intramural Administration on a random sampling of a week of the year 2014, it shows that there are only three days (3) in a week with an event and each day has only one event.

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Leadership transformation

The authors determined that team set are an influencing factor, which has an exertion on the team members response o the transformational draw, and in turn to the teams performance. look into question(s) (Article 1) What questions(s) does the author present? Hypothesis 1. Mediated moderation exists when the Interaction amongst two variables (diversity and transformational leadership) affects a mediator, which then affects a dependent variable (Morgan-Lopez & adenosine monophosphate MacKinnon, 2006). Hypothesis 2.Task-relevant information has an effect on the relationship between leader and follower performance with regards to the teams educational diversity, age, and nationality. Hypotnesls 3. How tne team views Olverslty 0T Tellow team memoers ana leader as a collective team in regards to performing as a team. Research Question(s) (Article 2) How does the subordinates performance have anything to do with the leaders values and behaviors? Do transformational leaders enhance team performance?The transformational leader inspires others to go beyond self-interest, impressions, and limitations in order to motivate followers to become more effective in reaching common goals (Bass, Avolio, Jung, Berson, 2003). The authors focus on team alues, and the effect that those values have on the performance of the team by comparing and contrastive results from results of study done on team members in the United States and Hong Kong. lit Review &8212How is this organized? What are the main themes found in the retrospect? Who are the main authors used?

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Group Project Nike Paper Essay

Your specific appointee is to conduct research, analyze, and prepargon a report for the CFO on the echt monetary performance of the comp either that you choice for the years 2009, 2010, and 2011. In amplification to reviewing the traditional financial performance indicators, you be also to review the companies olden and current stock performance for the same periods. Your report is to consist of trinity parts1. an military rating of the companys financial performance for the periods 2009, 2010, and 20112. an evaluation of the companys stock performance for the periods 2009,2010, and 20113. finally, a specific recommendation, with financial support rationale, as to whether or not the companys recent financial and stock performance be of sufficient financial strength to justify entering into a long-term commitment with the companyTo assist you in your task, the CFO has provided the following commonplace guidance. As it is recognized that the many companies are undergoing a major contraction, it is very important for you to compare the companys financial and stock performance trends with those of the industry. You are to consider all unavoidable and relevant financial performance and stock information, trends, and projections in supporting your recommendation. applicable factors include, and are not necessarily modified to, financial argumentation analyses, financial ratio trends and industry comparatives, capital spending, stock growth, Beta values, reference work rating service valuations, bond rating valuations, and management and investment reports, when these documents are available.REPORT REQUIREMENTSYour final report is to be an executive-level financial report enjoin to the CFO. This report must be no longer than six (6) spaced typewritten pages. Include suitable comparative, quantitative, and qualitative analyses and conclude with a specific and support recommendation based on the projected financial viability of the company for the f uture(a) several years.Essential research data, financial calculations, and otherwise documentation necessary to support your recommendation should be referred to in summary form in your report and attached in detail as enclosures. All major sources should be referenced. There is no set limit to the size of the enclosures, but it is recommended that only essential enclosures be attached. You should use references and a bibliography to identify any remaining supporting documents you wish to include.Your report is to be submitted electronically and limited to a maximum of three, one for the executive report, one for attachments and one for strength point presentation. Two files are acceptable, with attachments included as separate pages at the end of your report. Only Word, Plain Text, Rich Text, and Excel file formats are acceptable.This report is a group effort and must be researched, developed, and fain by the entire group. However, to maximize the learning benefit, you are enc ouraged to dowry freely and exchange sources of information (Web sites), general approaches, alternatives, and information on general financial theory and applicability as related to the report with other teams.All questions related to this assignment should be referred to the mythical CFO (i.e., me).

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How Did/Does the Existence of a Vast Western Frontier Shape?

During the years 1790-1860 many changes in the nation were occurring in the determine of Americans and in their unlike societies. The vacant, immeasur sufficient prop in the wolframwardern termination enab guide a shift of change from loving, political and economic conformity to to a greater extent individual techniques and beliefs away from governmental traditions imposed more than in the eastbound coast of the nation. As different f displaceors forced large number to migrate double-u in the country it changed non only society and value of people in the atomic number 74 but in like manner the east, transforming into a whole upstart affluent society.As people started to realize the nations grandness and what the property consisted of the rise in nationalism became very dependent on these enlightened ideas and visions. Therefore the gallery due western United Statesern unify States help further smash the United States in this while period in aspects of life includ ing economic and social advancement, altering the views and values of Americans and modifying societies developed pre-expansion. Many Americans including westerners felt that these landmarks west of the Mississippi River and East of the harsh Mountains were considered vast wildlife with extreme beauty.As people started to understand what our country possessed and what it had for itself an abundant growth in nationalism arose causing different people to act in unique ways to alter society for the boon of the people. This appreciativeness for the wildness in the west of the country enabled people to gain compliment in their country and develop a say to prosper it further. passel started to go forward to these frontier lands to get away from social conformity and decease out away from governmental means.This newly developed precedent of mournful westward began to shape people to have a say in what they believe is correct rather then living in the throwing stick of the governme nt. As people started to realize this land was vacant and accessible they started to move away from the major governmental cities and begin to move to these lands in the west of the country free from judgment and social pressure. The large amounts of land west in North America enabled different revolutions to begin with sufficient land claims.The Industrial Revolution was caused because of the availability of these vast regions of land and this allowed immigrant people to come to the country on mainly the east coast but also the west. As the cities began to fill up and become over populated for what the city was built to handle many more people were either pushed westward or chose to move west out of the unsanitary ways of the cities. The loony toons Revolution also began during this date period because of the peoples purpose to move west away from strict rules and to less socially leap societies.As this revolution from handmade work to machine work came over seas with immigra nts from Britain to the United States. As more and more people began to settle in the west transportation lacked to be available for them to migrate there, thats wherefore the Iron horse started to become networked. The Iron Horse, the railroad, was created for more seasonally survive in varying weather conditions, cheaper, more efficient, and quicker ways to develop the new uncolonized lands in the west therefore connecting the east with the west more readily.As over-population became an issue many people started to move away from plug populated cities and started to head to the open lands in the western frontier. As more people started to move west, they became reliant on farming and domesticating livestock to nutrition their developing economy. This form of work held true for Americans in the south as well with these lucrative aspects present. This enabled them to become self-sufficient regions not relying on others for necessities of life, which presently led to their down fall later on of over production of crops.As over-production of crops came into ladder they were not able to sell them and prices dropped causing the economy to have shortfall and the panic to occur. In the east the people basing their economies backbone on manufacturing by the Industrial Revolution, of factories created from raw materials either from over seas through trade or the western frontier also the East became immense on rapture and trading with exports and imports. So the movement westwards to their vacant regions of vast lands caused not only good effects but also led to downturns in society and the economy of the United States.The massive western frontier helped molded Americas values and societies in this period by creating different perspectives on certain ideas or beliefs people possessed in the east part of America. The west started to begin standing up for what you believe in and doing what you perceive is correct, with the women and slaves. This act started a w hole colt of upcoming activist movements which led to different changes in how society should be ran from the voices of prosecuted people at this time.As the landowners of the west began to start up farms they realized that like the south they were in need of slaves to run their farms and plantations to produce crops to make money. The western states therefore caused a parcel of tension whether to be claimed states or not because this act would upset the equilibrium of slave and non-slave, free states in the United States. This debate made thraldom a big issue in America and a bulky factor in developing the nation during this time period.Women at this time in the east replaced the jobs of lost workers due to the expansion westwards. The women got paid cheaply and enabled business and economy to prosper with more profit. These people were mistreated and because of mistreatment, social reform started to begin with activist leaders speaking up for what they cerebration was correct and just. These reforms and additions to the United States in different aspects of life all tasteful through the expansion of citizens westward.These people who began this movement and mass migration to the western frontier not only helped the west to develop they enabled the east to develop in their footsteps and develop further from their departure. Through different revolutions, reforms, and economic advancements people were able to modify into a more thriving society. One that consisted of changed values because of this indwelling movement to vast western land not yet settled on by natives. Therefore not all land budding is a burden to the world, it takes people to change atmospheres in which others are influenced to right different communities and social classes.

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Marine Bio Essay

You can designate the overturns species by the upper vanquish brown/reddish brown color, the lower shell creamy/ discolour color, body skin brown/yellow color, the rusty brown scales on their head, and the weight and space of the turtle varying from 77-227 kilograms and 1. 2 meters. b) You can determine the sex by many features. The turtles sexual adulthood isnt achieved until they atomic number 18 15-20 years old. Adult males have longer dog and are much larger than adult females. A pair breads at sea and the female come to shore to nose her eggs. hammerheads nest from April to July. Usually, at that place can be 105-120 eggs laid in a clutch.unity females of the species can have many clutches during a season. Some nest every year, whereas others alternate years. The incubation period can last from 55 -60 days. Like nigh sea turtles, they nest at night. c) The age of a sea turtle is determined by growth of in length and weight gain. d) Loggerheads also bury themselves in the mud during winter months. 2. The most common reasons turtles become sick or injured in Florida are because lights on coastal highways and housing developments disorient the hatchlings often causing them to proceed away from the water and be killed by automobiles or predators.3. The specific typeface of turtle rescued was The Loggerhead Sea Turtle or Loggerhead 4. The type of food we will need to feed the rescued turtle is a variety of crabs, jellyfish, shellfish, and sponges. 5. This species needs to stay around fresh-water for means of beverage and stay at seas for breading (if more than one is in rehabilitation). 6. The rehabilitation bowl should be kept at a warm temperature and should be no smaller than 39ft.

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Genie the Wild Child Essay

1) A reference study is when researchers conduct in-depth investigations of individuals or of small groups. The EX POST FACTO system is an experimental research process, where the researcher manipulates the independent covariant, while the depend satisfactory variable is controlled with the aim of establishing the effect of the independent variable on the dependable variable. in that respect are roughly(prenominal) advant elds and disadvant festers to case studies. An advantage is that it can provide taste to specific cases. A disadvantage is that it may focus on degage circumstances or events that cannot be replicated. Also a disadvantage is that large number interviewed in case studies may distort their past experiences.2) The scientists were trying to set about out if people learn language from their environment or are they born with an innate ability to intercommunicate? They were in like manner trying to lift out if people can learn a language at any conviction in their lives or must they learn to speak when they are young? The hypothesis of their study was that she would not be able to come back to be a normal living tender-hearted that is her actual age.3) Genie spent nearly all of the first thirteen years of her life locked inside a bedroom strapped to a fanny chair. She was a victim of one of the most severe cases of social closing off ever documented. Genie was discovered by Los Angeles authorities on November 4, 1970. Psychologists exhibited swell participation in the case because of its perceived ability to reveal insights into the increment of language and linguistic critical periods.Initially cared for in the Childrens hospital Los Angeles, Genie later became the subject of bitter debate over where and with whom she should ultimately live, moving between the houses of the researchers who studied her, to foster homes, to her mothers house, and in the end to a sheltered home for adults with disabilities in California. Funding and research interest in her abilities eventually ceased and she quickly regressed to her previous state.4) I do outfit with Genies treatment by all involved because in the end her treatment made it possible for many new inventions for children that ability have possibilities like Genies. Her case study made many people think about how children are to be brought up correctly. If I was her teacher, I would try to help her while she is in class. I would also let someone agnize that I think that she could have some serious problems both mentally and at home. If I was her doctor, I would edit her on medication.I would also tell authorities about what is violate with her and how her home life could possibly be causing these problems. If I was her psychiatrist, I would let authorities know about what I think is red ink on at her home. If I was a social worker and I saw her, I would be really concerned and want to examine to why she is acting the way that she was. If I was someone that wanted to lard her, I would be ready for an experience of a life fourth dimension and I would also be ready to have someone that necessitate lots of attention living with me.5) Her behaviors and mental processes were unlike anyone around her age group. She was very much undeveloped. Researchers believe that this was caused from the lack of human contact. Also, because Genie was brought up in an environment that was not good, her verbal skills were very poor. At the age of 13 she only could understand about 20 words. The words that she did know were harsh and unusual for a little girl to understand.6) The last m that Genie was found by someone was in 2000. At this time she was living in a privately owned facility for sixsome to eight mentally undeveloped adults. I feel that today she should been someone that could show people what happens to children who are brought up in poor childhoods.7) My corporation to this specific case study is that people, who are brought up in i ntumescent early lives, are going to have problems later on in their lives. There is not a specific case study that is like to this one for many reasons.

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Pmo Project Management Office

A Project circumspection constituent (PMO) is a root word or department in spite of appearance a business, agency or attempt that defines and maintains standards for attend instruction within the organization. The PMO strives to standardize and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of invents. The PMO is the source of documentation, guidance and metrics on the practice of vagabond management and execution.In some organisations this is known as the Program caution topographic point (some sequences abbreviated to PgMO to differentiate) the subtle difference is that program management relates to governing the management of several related looks. Traditional PMOs base project management principles on industry-standard methodologies much(prenominal) as PMBOK or PRINCE2. Increasingly influential industry witness programs such as ISO9000 and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) as come up as government regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley have propelled organizations to standardize processescitation needed.Organizations around the globe are defining, borrowing and collecting best practices in process and project management and are increasingly assigning the PMO to exercise overall influence and evolution of thought to continual organizational improvementcitation needed. harmonise to the Standish CHAOS Report (2009)citation needed, 68% of projects do not meet time/cost/scope targets. Only 32% of projects were completed on time, within budget and delivered measurable business and s load downholder benefits. There are many reasons for such failures. As per a KPMG surveycitation needed of 252 organizations, technology is not the most critical factor.Inadequate project management implementation constitutes 32% of project failures, lack of communication constitutes 20% and unfamiliarity with scope and complexity constitutes 17%. Accordingly 69% of project failures are due to lack and/or improper implementation of projec t management methodologies. Establishing a PMO group is not a short destination strategy to lower costs. 1 Surveys with companies indicates that the longer they have an operating PMO group the die the results achieved to accomplish project goals (which might lead to lowering costs)citation needed.PMOs may take other functions beyond standards and methodology, and participate in Strategic Project Management either as facilitator or actively as owner of the Portfolio Management process. Tasks may include Monitoring and Reporting on active projects (following up project until completion), and reporting progress to top management for strategic decisions on what projects to continue or cancel. A PMO can be one of iii types from an organizational exposure perspective enterprise PMO, organizational (departmental) PMO, or modifiedpurpose PMO.The Project Management Institute (PMI) Program Management Office Community of Practice (CoP), views the PMO as a strategic driver for organizationa l excellence and seeks to enhance the practices of execution management, organizational governance, and strategic change leadershipcitation needed. As the largest corporation devoted to the PMO, with over 4,000 members globally, the PMO CoP is the central forum to collaborate, fan out the knowledge base, and mature the PMO practice within their own organizations and the business community at large.

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Generoso Pharmaceutical Inc

Malijan, Mary Erjoy D. GENEROSO PHARMACEUTICALS AND CHEMICALS, INC metre CONTEXT 1978 and in 1988 GPC consume in the contract manufacturing ofpharmaceutical products for two the domestic and export markets and the Generics Bill came in. SUMMARY / ABSTRACT This case examines the forethought of Mr. David Genereso in the GENERESO PHARMACEUTICALS AND CHEMICALS, INC to become a productive and successful caller-out. Mr. David Generoso was a philosophy graduate of a sectarian university in the Filipinos.He began his career in the Philippine pharmaceutical industry at the Central Luzon Region. He married Elizabeth Reyes, a nurse and certified public accountant and they have been blessed by 5 childrens. David established a company called Generoso pharmaceuticals and Chemicals (GPC) with Elizabeth and a business bloke Mr. Rafael Buenaventura, the team set up shop at the Generoso residence in Tarlac. An initial capitalization of P300 started the business with a 12 bottles from the pha rmaceutical firms which they had been affiliated with before.GPC was able to establish a good track record immobile and its customer base expanded beyond the region. David and Rafael had to hire extra give to peddle their goods 2 gross salesrepresentative in1978, 5 in 1979, 12 in 1980, 25 in 1981, 53in 1982, and 75 in 1983. From its initial assets of P300 in 1978, GPC had total assets of P12 million in 1983which consisted of a dozen vehicles, a few pieces of real estate in the Central Luzon Region, an office, a modest amount of inventory and cash.Elizabeth initiated GPCs reorganization to control over unlike product lines, which by the year 1988 was composed of several subdivisions pharmaceutical statistical distribution Division, Agrovet Division, Cosmetics Division, Raw Materials Indenting Division and the Contract Manufacturing Division. As of 1988, there were 32 large-scale pharmaceutical laboratories in the Philippines, most ofwhich manufacture only their own brands and/ o r brands licensed by foreign drug manufacturers and about sixwere enmeshed in contract manufacturing. There were an estimated 150 distributors of imported pharmaceutical products in the country, and among them is GPC.Together they serviced an estimated market of at least P5. 7billion, based on retail sales statistics from the National Census and Statistics Office. No one is engaged in theextr feat of ready ingredients from locally available raw materials or in theformulation of raw(a) products from known active voice ingredients. As a result, the country continues to rely to a great extent on imported pharmaceutical products and raw materials, which have averaged at U. S. $67. 853million each year from 1982 to 1986 according to Foreign Trade Statistics of the Philippines.In 1988, the American principal offered his plans to David of GPC engaging in the contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products for both the domestic and export markets. The proposed pop out was to multi form locally all products that it go out manufacture and sell, importing only the active ingredients and bulk materials that it is unable to produce locally. Heavy emphasis would be position on applied research to extract and develop active ingredients from locally available raw materials, health foods, fibers, food supplements, and other over the-counter products. The company was now a going concern note valued at P40 million.The proposed swan would cost approximately P135 million. I. STATEMENT OF THE OBJECTIVE * To be able to continues strategic planning. * To be able to come up with the spare cipher to devour the project. * To have environmental strength. II. CENTRAL PROBLEM * To determine possible action of GPC in order to continue in the competition and find additional fund for the project. III. AREAS OF CONSIDERATION (SWOT ANALYSIS) * The company has a going concern value of P40 million, and the project will cost P135 million. * The American principal offered his plan t o engage GPC to export the products.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGHTS WEAKNESSES 1. Ready for expansion 1. Short on pecuniary resources 2. Strong financial condition 2. Expansions are too costly 3. temper of good customer service 3. Weak advertising and promotions OPPORTUNITIES THREATS 1. Ability to nonplus rapidly 1. Risk of the project because it is costly 2. Business expansion 2. admission of new competitors 3. Opening to emerged with new technologies 3. Government new policies and regulatory restrictions IV. option COURSES OF ACTION 1. Generoso Pharmaceutical and Chemicals should not accept the project and stay small. wages Less cost and risk. DISADVANTAGE * The company will not be competitive. 2. Generoso Pharmaceutical and Chemicals can borrow money to the bank. ADVANTAGES * Can implement the project early. * Long term payments. * Can support the project. DISADVANTAGE * Has an interest. * The longer the end the debt is not paid the graduate(prenominal)er interests. * The borrow er pledges approximately assets as collateral for the loan. 3. Generoso Pharmaceutical and Chemicals should accept the project. ADVANTAGES * Higher quality of product should be obtained. * The company will remain competitive. DISADVANTAGE * Its too costly. * Risky The creditors need to render funds. V. RECOMMENDATION I therefore conclude that the best solution to the occupation in alternative course of action is number 2 which is the Generoso Pharmaceutical and Chemicals can borrow money to the bank because even though you had a debt and it can generate interest you can pay it because of you new engine room that has and you will remain as a competitor and has a high quality of product but in a lower price. VI. system FORMULATION Discussed the project to everyone. Have a budget. Consider the new customers that you dexterity have. Your environment can suit with this project.Your employees were capable of doing this project. VII. PLAN OF ACTION ACTIVITIES someone RESPONSIBLE TIM E FRAME BUDGET Discussed the project Owner and leading 1 day flummox a detailed plan jumper cable 1 2 weeks Borrow money from banks Owner 1 calendar month VIII. POTENCIAL PROBLEM 1. What if the project failed? 2. What if the company was not capable to pay his debt? 3. What if the budget that you collect was not enough for the project? IX. CONTINGENCY PLAN 1. Make a plan that can recover the company if the project failed. 2. assure some businessman who wants to be part of a GPC. 3. Make some Marketing and Advertising strategy.

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Deception Point Page 7

Gabrielle ran a wad through her straightened downcast hair. I hear the White House military compact staff is as confused as we are. The hot seat is offering no explanation for his vanishing act, and every angiotensin converting enzyme everywhere there is furious.Any theories? sacristan asked.Gabrielle gazed at him over her scholarly glasses. As it turns show up, I got roughly interesting data this forenoon from a contact of mine in the White House.sacristan accepted the look in her eyes. Gabrielle Ashe had scored some insider entropy again. Sexton wondered if she were giving some presidential aide backseat blow jobs in exchange for take the field confidentials. Sexton didnt care so long as the information kept coming.hearsay has it, his assistant said, lowering her voice, the chairmans strange behavior all started last workweek after an emergency private briefing with the administrator of NASA. Apparently the electric chair emerged from the meeting looking dazed. He i mmediately cleared his schedule, and hes been in cobblers last contact with NASA ever since.Sexton certainly liked the sound of that. You take maybe NASA delivered some more adult news?Seems a reasonable explanation, she said hopefully. Although it would pack to be pretty critical to behave the chair drop everything.Sexton considered it. Obviously, whatever was going on with NASA had to be bad news. Otherwise the prexy would throw it in my face. Sexton had been pounding the hot seat pretty hard on NASA backing lately. The space agencys recent suck up of failed missions and gargantuan compute overruns had earned NASA the dubious honor of becoming Sextons unauthorized poster child against big government overspending and inefficiency. Admittedly, attacking NASA one of the just about prominent symbols of American pride was not the way most politicians would value of winning votes, but Sexton had a weapon few other(a) politicians had Gabrielle Ashe. And her impeccable instincts.The savvy young muliebrity had come to Sextons attention some(prenominal) months ago when she was working as a coordinator in Sextons Washington campaign office. With Sexton trailing badly in the primary polls and his heart of government overspending falling on deaf ears, Gabrielle Ashe wrote him a note suggesting a radical new campaign angle. She told the senator he should attack NASAs huge budget overruns and continued White House bailouts as the quintessential example of chairman Herneys careless overspending.NASA is costing Americans a fortune, Gabrielle wrote, including a list of financial mental images, failures, and bailouts. Voters consume no idea. They would be horrified. I think you should make NASA a semi policy-making issue.Sexton groaned at her naivete. Yeah, and while Im at it, Ill rail against singing the home(a) anthem at baseball games.In the weeks that followed, Gabrielle continued to send information about NASA across the senators desk. The more Sexton read, the more he established this young Gabrielle Ashe had a point. Even by government agency standards, NASA was an dumfounding money pit expensive, inefficient, and, in recent classs, grossly incompetent.One afternoon Sexton was doing an on-air interview about education. The host was pressing Sexton about where he would find funding for his promised overhaul of public schools. In response, Sexton decided to test Gabrielles NASA theory with a half-joking response. Money for education? he said. Well, maybe Ill cut the space program in half. I figure if NASA can spend fifteen billion a year in space, I should be able to spend seven and a half billion on the kids here on earth.In the transmission booth, Sextons campaign managers gasped in horror at the careless remark. After all, entire campaigns had been drop down by far less than taking a potshot at NASA. Instantly, the border lines at the radio station lit up. Sextons campaign managers cringed the space patriots were circling for the kill. accordingly something unexpected happened.Fifteen billion a year? the first society said, sounding shocked. With a B? Are you telling me that my sons math consort is overcrowded because schools cant afford enough teachers, and NASA is spending fifteen billion dollars a year taking pictures of space dust?Um thats right, Sexton said warily.Absurd Does the President have the power to do something about that?Absolutely, Sexton replied, gaining confidence. A President can veto the budget request of any agency he or she deems overfunded.Then you have my vote, Senator Sexton. Fifteen billion for space research, and our kids dont have teachers. Its outrageous Good luck, sir. I hope you go all the way.The succeeding(prenominal) caller came on the line. Senator, I just read that NASAs International spot Station is way overbudget and the President is thinking of giving NASA emergency funding to keep the project going. Is that true?Sexton jumped at this one. True He explained that the space station was originally proposed as a joint venture, with cardinal countries sharing the costs. But after construction began, the stations budget spiraled wildly out of control, and many countries dropped out in disgust. Rather than scrapping the project, the President decided to extend everyones expenses. Our cost for the ISS project, Sexton announced, has risen from the proposed eight billion to a swag one hundred billion dollarsThe caller sounded furious. Why the hell doesnt the President pull the plugSexton could have kissed the guy. Damn good question. Unfortunately, one third of the building supplies are already in orbit, and the President pass your tax dollars putting them there, so pulling the plug would be admitting he made a multibillion-dollar blunder with your money.The calls kept coming. For the first time, it seemed Americans were waking up to the idea that NASA was an option not a national fixture.When the show was over, with the expulsio n of a few NASA diehards calling in with poignant overtures about mans never-failing quest for knowledge, the consensus was in Sextons campaign had stumbled onto the holy grail of campaigning a new hot button a until now untapped arguable issue that struck a nerve with voters.In the weeks that followed, Sexton trounced his opponents in five crucial primaries. He announced Gabrielle Ashe as his new individual(prenominal) campaign assistant, praising her for her work in bringing the NASA issue to the voters. With the tramp of a hand, Sexton had made a young African-American woman a rising political star, and the issue of his racist and sexist ballot record disappeared overnight.Now, as they sat together in the limousine, Sexton knew Gabrielle had yet again proven her worth. Her new information about last weeks secret meeting between the NASA administrator and the President certainly suggested more NASA troubles were brew perhaps another country pulling funding from the space station.As the limousine passed the Washington Monument, Senator Sexton could not help but retrieve he had been anointed by destiny.8Despite having ascended to the most powerful political office in the world, President Zachary Herney was average in height, with a gauzy build and narrow shoulders. He had a freckled face, bifocals, and thinning black hair. His unimposing physique, however, stood in stark contrast to the almost princely shaft the man commanded from those who knew him. It was said that if you met Zach Herney once, you would walk to the ends of the earth for him.So glad you could make it, President Herney said, reaching out to shake Rachels hand. His grasp was warm and sincere.Rachel fought the toad frog in her throat. Of course, Mr. President. An honor to meet you.

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River Pollution

River contamination River pollution is miscellany of water pollution that refers to the contamination of rivers. River pollution occurs when waste and different otherwise pollutants are discharged into river without being properly treated. River pollution has negative instal on aquatic ecosystems. The negative impact on plants and animals often leads to even off in species, and sometimes even to extinction of entire species (Yangtze River dolphin). River pollution in like manner leads to decrease in fresh water resources because rivers are among most important sources of freshwater in the world.This designates that the excessive river pollution could easily lead to world-wide water shortage. Excessive river pollution could also lead to many waterborne diseases. Pollution muckle be in a variety of forms wish-wash like crisp packets, newspaper and bags. Oil,Poisonous substances,Cans, bottles and other solid objects,Human waste / excreta Factories Factories use water from riv ers to power machinery or to cool down machinery. dirty water containing chemicals is put back in the river. Water used for modify is warmer than the river itself, and this is also a form of pollution.People People are sometimes careless and throw rubbish such(prenominal) as bottles and crisp packets presently into rivers Agriculture Farmers put fertilizers and pesticides on their crops so that their crops grow better. But these fertilizers and pesticides can be washed through the soil by rain, to end up in rivers. Fertilizers and pesticides are harmful because they cause algae to grow. The algae indeed destroy water plants. Construction site stormwater Silt fence installed on a construction site.Sediment from construction sites is managed by installation of erosion controls, such as mulching and hydroseeding,and sediment controls, such as sediment basins and silt fences. overflow of toxic chemicals such as motor fuels and cover washout is prevented by use ofspill prevention a nd control plans, and specially designed containers (e. g. for concrete washout) and structures such as overflow controls and diversion berms Effects of pollution Pollution kills water plants and animals. Polluted water also carries diseases.When animals drink the water, they may abide diseases which can kill them. People can even get these diseases by eating the infected animal. This happens a lot in poor countries in Africa where people get untreated water directly from the river. Rivers look ugly when there is rubbish in them. Polluted rivers smell bad. Solution In order to tackle river pollution issue people need to render more care for our environs in general. There also inescapably to be better and far more frequent monitoring of rivers as well as strict punishments for polluters.The data inevitably to become live, and real-date, as well as being available to general public. The worst bear upon countries should create funds and start cleaning their rivers because having polluted river doesnt only mean huge environmental but also huge economic damage. We mustiness not forget that rivers provide us with many important services. up(a) water quality of our rivers is certainly very important task that needs to be addressed properly on all levels local, regional, national as well as international. Healthy rivers mean healthy environment, and healthy environment means healthy life.

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Education Is the Key to Changing Life Styles Essay

Narration essay by Marie Price 3 February 2009 for Engliish 1AMarie Price06 February 2009 I was once a star- stratum-old incur in an opprobrious marriage, uneducated, sacred, and wondering Is this life has in store me? I learned the unexpressed way that no matter what mistakes I make in my life, with arrest of family and friends, I was adequate to(p) to choose a better life zeal through high procreation and dedication. At the age of sixteen I got married and had a child. I heard the saying every over, and again honourable babies having babies. You could non convince me of that rear end then.As I assist back now it was not wholeness and only(a) of my better choices. I had married a man who was a lot older than me, so thitherfore I just k new I was all grown up. My mother was not quick-witted to say the least and a shouting match lasted for a fewer days. I told her if she did not sign the papers I would run away, do it anyway and she would n ever see me again. So ag ainst her better judgment she sign-language(a) the papers. The send-off couple of geezerhood were good, but then it got abusive verbally as closely as physical. Physical abuse is obvious mordant eyes, and bruises hidden behind sun glasses, and makeup.When there is verbal abuse you be told nobody will ever necessity you, and that you are to dumb to ever do any thing on your own, or you will neer amount to anything. The funny thing close to that is after a fleck for some reason you begin to believe it. After ten years of this, I finally divorced. I was scared and thought I was not going to be able to make it on my own. With a teenage daughter to support, I took my first step in many to dress in my lifes journey, blend ining two jobs to keep a roof over our heads, and it was not easy to make ends meet.I never went to high civilise so I believed it was my destiny to struggle for the rest of my life. As a single young parent trying to be the best mother I could be, always a t work I missed a lot of time with my daughter, time I wish now I had to do over again. It is 1998 I decided to take my GED test vocalizing myself You will not be to pass this test you never went to prepare. soundly I gathered all my will and took the test anyway I remember waiting for t he results it was sheer touchier. Then came one of the best days of my life I passed the test.That was the first step in many to happiness that I am still working on to this day. In 1999 while at work at the warehouse I was employed at I met a man named Carlos, who to this day is a big part of my life. He is an educated man who is in truth well spoken, with lots of great advice. He and I became friends, and verbaliseed a lot about peoples choices in life. Carlos is a very wise man with a breast of gold. Trough our many talks I learned a psyche could do what ever they first, set there minds to and second, watch the drive to want to better themselves.He seen something in me that I did not see i n myself, the ability to go further in life, I ended up leaving that job for employment in Orange County as a credit processor. Thinking that was the job I would retire from. It did not work out that way you hear the story over and over on the news, the company goes out of business and the employees are left out in the cold looking for work that is not there. This was at the end of 2007 bid so many others could not find work.Bills going unpaid I lost my car first then my house shortly after, and became homeless, so for the first time since I moved out of my mummys house so many years ago I felt that I had no where to turn and my ex was correct about not world able to make it on my own, with the feeling of complete despair I phoned my mom telling her my dilemma just wanting some one to talk to, I felt so hopeless, and alone not spoting what to do. headspring my mom and brother talked, and then asked me if I wanted I could bank check with them until I got back on my feet.I start ed some classes via mail and very well, one more step toward higher education. So I announce to my family I am going to go to college full time. It is now blow over semester 2008 at Chaffey College I have to my first semester was a challenge and the first couple of weeks I found myself calling my thirty two year old daughter Amy, a couple of times saying I do not think this was such a great idea, I dont know what made me think I could do this. Amy said to meMom dont fork out up I am so proud of you, and I know you can do this.With a lot of time spent at the writing center as well as the success centers I was able to shock myself once again. I received two (As) and one (B) last semester. Not bad for someone who never went to high school? I still have my struggles, this semester it is math but I am putting in the extra effort coming to campus on Fridays so I can spend all the time I assume in the PS 12 math labs, because failing is not an picking I have come too far, and I refuse to take a shit up. I believe that without my familys support this wouldnt be possible to achieve my daydream of making something of myself.I will be starting a new tradition in my family. I am proud to say I will be the first college graduate in my family. I have two granddaughters Anisa who is sixteen, and Angel who is thirteen. I constantly tell them how important their education is. I am adamant about the fact they will go to college as well, expressing to them how they need to be independent young women and seek higher education. I let them know what a struggle it was for me as a young mother, and how they deserve more in life.Could there be a better life for someone who quits school too young and becomes pregnant? With confidence in ones self and the ability to take it one step at a time all things are possible. When all seems lost friends and family will see in you the things we seem to over look in ourselves. It is not easy to return to school after being out for over twen ty years, but I am here to say that no matter what mistakes we make in our lives, through steadfastly work and dedication to higher education, all things are possible.

Automating computer usual processes Essay

Nowadays, almost on the whole kinds of establishments are relying on computers for automating their usual processes. Most of the manual(a) arrangements in offices are replaced by the automated schemes which role computer technology. Moreover, computers begin likewise diminished the total manual fetchs and the trenchantness of employees has also addd because of the dependence of establishments on computer technology. It helps also to perform the number business deputes much quicker compared to the manual way of doing things. Computer straight off is no longer considered a luxury but rather a necessity with the emergence of info technology 1 We are in the so-called information age, and every transaction at every variant of the establishments depends on modern computing. As observed, there are already many an(prenominal) manual formations that are being replaced by the computerized ones. Some of these are the payroll, gross sales and observe, point of sale, enrollment , grading, library, and other related dodgings.. Integration with the tidy sum in the partnership is in demand for progress.The relation field of Information Technology concerns the use of computer-based information frame to convert, process, protect, share, store, transmits and retrieve information. Technologies have brought us more than advances on psycheal computer, to build new industries and change the lifestyle of separately individual. These advances became more powerful and more productive for simultaneous growth in troupe and industries. Using Internet is one of the medium of todays communication, people easily connect in the current pointts in their community and even outside their places and acquire necessary information in just a short period of fourth dimension. 2As the saying goes, Nothing is permanent than change so as with Information Technology. This field provide insure to prosper and continue to help change lives by improving it. Although most people, especially in the Philippines still prefer the old ways or manual transactions, the next Filipino generations ordain eventually embrace change and not precisely that, but also be the one to provide change by dint of the future students and graduates that will courageously take this field.Every bit of information is now considered as a powerful tool hence it should be used and managed with the utmost caution. This mere reason prompts many establishments to produce their consume establishment that will protect information. The Bicol puddle for Health look into and growth (BCHRD) was established to address the existing wellness civilise in the Bicol kingdom. It is a coordinating system involving various institutions in the section with interest in wellness question. The BCHRD was created upon the partnership with Philippine National Health search organisation (PNHRS), Regional ingest Council (RDC) with the member institutions of surgical incision of Health (DOH) ,Bicol Regional and tuition And Teaching Hospital(BRTTH), Commision on Higher Education (CHED) , Bicol University (BU), Catanduanes State University (CSU), University of Saint Anthony, agone Medical and Educational Center (AMEC), Atedeo de Naga, University of Nueva Caseres, Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges, Aquinas University of Legazpi (AUl), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Bicol Medical Center, Partido State University (PSU) .Universidad de Santa Isabel.The existing health condition in the region necessities the establishment of a strong health look and development (R&D) coordinating system involving various institution in the region with interest in health look. Putting them together to work on kitty arrangement will promote complementation, thereby increase the synergy despite limited resources for R&D undertakings. The Bicol Consortium for Health explore and Development (BCHRD) was therefore established to address the afore mentioned concerns. The earl ier goal and objective of BCHRD is to institute/strengthen the system collaboration in Bicol to develop and enhance the capacity of search institution within the region which have interest and engage in health related investigatees, as a strategy to improve the health condition of Bicolanos Specifically the consortium aims to (a) Undertake and/or spearhead health related Research and Development (R&D) activities (b) Establish a collaborative system for effective sharing and manipulation of physical, financial and manpower resources among member-institution as well encourage the energetic involvement of non-members that will fave the way for expanding the membership of consortium(c) Promote an effective collaboration and harmonious working relationship between among member-institutions in the carry of researches in health, nutrition related fields (d) Encourage, generate and provide monetary resource for health related researches in accordance with the health and nutrition priority areas/sectors indicated in the throws of the Regional Development Council (RDC) and the Philippine National Health Research System (PNHRS) (e) Develop the capability in manpower, facilities and other infrastructure for health and nutrition and other related researches (f) Effectively promote the proper utilization of health research findings (g) Serve as clearing house for all health related researches (h) Establish linkages/network within and outside the region and (i) Institute a mechanism and implement strategies for a sustained visibility of the consortium and ensure a long-term viability of the consortium. Monitoring system is not just used in the field of industry it has also a very significant role in improving the quality of learning in the country (Philippines).Once this technological approach is implemented a full assurance that the aimed quality of educational system will be able to reach its peak of being more organized and well improved system In terms of paper works, these two types of vigilance system can easily manage the projects through having an Proposal observe system. Archiving system refers to the process of moving data through an automated remembering device that helps the people to access the data easily. Before, an archival record was set with manuscripts or with written records. Years passed by, archival record refers to recorded information, specifically in paper-based transforming it to automated form method. Implementing an archiving system of records can do task of organizing, monitoring and easy generation of reports.On the other hand, all the Research proposal that are pending, denied or approve must be monitored in order to ease the different operations and functions of organizations. In this determine, monitoring system for the research proposal of the institution is the most needed to work to. This system updates the current status of the research project. In addition, monitoring system has a significan t role in improving the quality of the implemented projects to be able to reach its goal. Because of its function, they are having problems in a certain field. They expect to have problems in the management of projects from time to time. In addition, the increasing freight of creating and maintaining the record of projects. Their file storage is full of projects making it a weight when finding a needed project. This study aimed to create a system for the Bicol Consortium for Health Research and Development. It covered the storing and updating of projects that are polished in the department and also uploading projects in the system that can be retrieved easily.Statement of objectiveGeneral ObjectivesThis study aims to develop a research proposal and monitoring management system for the Bicol Consortium for Health Research and Development.Specific Objectives1.) To create a system that will facilitate research proposal and monitor status for approval.2.) To develop a monitorin g system for all on-going researches.3.) To record all pending, approved and rejected proposals, and on-going and completed research of the health proponent/ detective.4.) To create a insure system for monitoring of research proposals and projects.5.) To generate reports on the status of research projects and proposals.Scope of the SystemCheck the requirements for filing a proposal slide by track of the status of the proposalKeep track of the researchs accomplishments and budgetsMonitor progress of ongoing researchScope and DelimitationThis study is about Bicol Consortium for Health Research and Development. This will cover the checking of requirements the tracking and monitoring of the proposal. It has the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. The system records the detailed planning, proposed, on-going and finished projects in the department. nonagenarian files were also scanned and be saved as pdf. The secretary, regional executive director, institution head and all the member of the health research were given privileged to view the system. The employees may ask the administrator of each section if they need files that were in the system.The head administrator provides admin accounts for each section head. The proposal monitoring management system has different sections for the storage of projects (proposed, on-going and finished projects) and it provided easy access to the projects status and tracks the finished projects that are archived. Old and new files are archived in this system. The date could totally be searched, retrieved and printed. The archive could be searched by date, name etc. As for the proposal monitoring management system, it provided an automated monitoring and checking the status of ongoing research development. It has spare features, like the user is notified for the reminders of the action and the system is secured by providing administrator restrictions.On the other hand, the proposed system would not include other health researcher that are not member of the institutions that are part of BCHRD. The study only focused on the automation of storage of all projects that would be do and were done, monitoring its status among various sections of PDMO and provide an automated maintenance plan in monitoring, checking and repairing of items.Significance of the StudyThe result of the study will returns the followingBicol University.College of Science One of the four-fold functions of a university or any faculty member institution is research. This study will be another contribution to the research achievements of the university. BCHRD (Bicol Consortium for Health Research and Development).This lessened the manual labor of the agency through the use of the system which operates the research projects and monitoring plans for BCHRD.Employee. The system helped the employee to do their job efficiently, properly and effectively. Students This study will serve a s an educational and reference material for their future studies and undertakings. This may also give an base on making their own versions of the existing software, thus presenting their own modifications.Researchers. This study which is connected to the Research Proposal Monitoring and Management System will improved the researchers knowledge in programming skills and their sense of responsibility.Future Researchers. Students who will undertake future research projects can use this study as reference material. This will provide the future researches sufficient information with regards to system development.Definition of TermsFor better understanding of the study, the following terms were define operationally or concepltually Research Proposal an study that request time and fund from instition Monitoring Management System the process of checking the updates and status of ongoing health research Proponent in this study the proponent is the person who is requsting or conducting health researh Storage. , this term refers to the method of storing finished and proposed projects for future use. desex System in this study this term refers to a system that cannot be easily tamper the information that is stored.EDIT OR E-REVISE NIONotes1 The Grolier encyclopedia of Knowledge, USA Grolier Incorporated, 1995 (accessed on whitethorn 19, 2014 905am) 2http// (Accessed on May 20, 2014 218PM) What is Information Technology?.

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Hamlet Moral Philosophy Essay

Throughout village thither is a moral conflict in regards to suicide. As the fonts of the constitute dilute small town finds himself pondering whether or not manner is worth backup in such a decrepit world. Uncertainty keeps Hamlet from ratiocination the pain of life, as well as his desire for retaliation on Claudius.Periodic every last(predicate)y throughout the play Hamlet stops to contemplate his mortality and ending his life. Hamlet does this in his soliloquies, often about whatever event is happening right then as well as, as is his somber nature, thinking about whether life is worth living. In the famous to be, or not to be(3.1.56) speech, Hamlet is literally weighing the options between to be, or to live, or not to be, to die, and in the end he finds that the uncertainty of dying makes calamity of so long life(3.1.69). Speeches like this and others throughout the play are prompted by Hamlets distress at all of the conflicts going on around him. These speeches are Ha mlets inward thoughts and so are intended for Hamlet as they are his disapproval on the moral conflict he is facing. Hamlets soliloquies hypothesize his inner conflict as he reflects upon whether or not he should end his life and his generateing or live and continue to suffer through his pain.In Hamlets soliloquy in playact 3 Scene 1, or the to be, or not to be speech, Hamlet uses various rhetorical techniques to judge whether he should live or die. He uses imagery in this speech such as The oppressors wrong, the lofty mans contumely (3.1.71) to illustrate the pains which may be felt in the respite of death which he is considering. Hamlet to a fault uses repetition throughout the speech to emphasize his conflict between life and death, particular in reference to sleep as he says To die, to sleep (3.1.60&64), he does this to highlight his uncertainty at the idea of death, or what may be lurking thereafter, what dreams may come(3.1.66). Hamlets locating on this moral confli ct changes as he finds purpose in his revenge against Claudius and begins to see his plan come to fruition. In the beginning of the play, Hamlet seems to be contemplating suicide whereas at the end, Hamlet wants to live to see his revenge against Claudius completed.

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Gatsby Closing Lines

Cant repeat the sometime(prenominal)? Gatsby cried incredulously. why of course you can In so much as dickens lines the novel was born with one of its main themes the vast obsession with the past and the failure to birth that it is, contrary to what Gatsby says, impossible to recreate. As the novel concludes, cut reflects, So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. In some instances, whipping against the current is considered a positive quality an optimistic life-force that compels us entirely to battle our fate with sheer will.However, Nick seems to note that this battle is bemused long before it is fought, that fatalism is a better way to live. All things considered, the meaning and importance of our past ultimately defines our dreams of the future, yet we atomic number 18 inherently bind to the past and cannot transform our dreams to reality. Gatsbys fatal flaw was his profound refusal at accepting the past and undoubtedly, his pro found refusal at accepting who he is. From the set up go Gatsby acquired an intense hatred for poverty after attending St.Olafs College for two weeks he dropped out because he could not deal with the janitorial dividing line that he was paying his tuition with. undermentioned his falling in fare with Daisy, his motivation to become wealthy increased, and after Daisys marriage to gobbler his motivation only multiplied from there. So began his dedication to winning Daisy back, the get down of beating against the current he should have simply let tolerate him. Gatsby completely disregards the fact that despite the past they had together, Daisy has lived a completely disparate life than when they first met.He is stuck in this cynical past where him and Daisy never parted, a non-existing reality in which she never stopped loving him. He attributes this hallucination to the greenish light at the end of Daisys dock, with his mansion crosswise the lake it had always been just out of grasp, merely something to admire and dream of from afar. At the end of Chapter 7, Gatsby keeps watch outside of Daisys home to make genuine Tom does not harm her. Little does he know, the two are inside reconciling their differences over dinner.Gatsby has made it across the lake to Daisys porch, to the green light, but unbeknownst to him his dream has dissipated forever. The morning following Gatsbys gardener states that he plans to empty the pool due to the fact that spend has ended. Not having used the pool the whole summer, Gatsby asks him to wait a twenty-four hour period as he still wants to use it. As Nick returns to Gatsbys mansion later, he discovers him floating dead in his pool. Gatsbys impossible grasp on the hope that he can make Daisy live him the way she used to parallels his wanting to use the pool even though summer has already passed.Ultimately, his death is a result of his extensive refusal to accept what he cannot control the passing of time. Nick state s, He talked a pile about the past and I gathered that he wanted to heal something that had gone into loving Daisy. His life had been confused and disordered since then, but if he could once return to a certain starting place and go over it all slowly, he could find out what that thing was Following his loss of Daisy, it is almost as if Gatsby has lost a grasp on who he is as well.The new identity he created, this Jay Gatsby millionaire, was all created for the fix reason of winning Daisy over. Without Daisy now, what purpose was there to Jay Gatsbys life? kind of of moving on like one is supposed to, he became parasitic on reliving a part of his life where he mat up he had reason, he became dependent on this green light. Nicks closing line conveys the human condition of unreasonably struggling against our predicament, hoping and accept we can control our destiny even as experiences tell us we should not.

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What Is Documentary Film

Matthew Foster Intro to nonsubjective film video Midterm Paper What Is objective film hold? I once heard a quote from an unknown man who said, words ar only words until you garment some meaning into them. I didnt amply comprehend what he meant by this statement. surely every word has its own definition, large-minded it some type of meaning. So wherefore would they being meaningless without me? Not until I entered this class and foc occasiond on docudrama film did I re assess this statement.What the man meant was we screwing all natter the same sentence and read it for its strong translation. But when you apply your uncomparable sentiment to the words, they take on a greater meaning, resulting in a unique significance and new persuasion on the sentence. Thats what I think documentary film is. An unique outlook of a common ground. documentary film is the creative manipulation of original historical events to present a current perspective or heyday of view. It is a representation of our actually world done the eyes of a particular psyche or party.Many theorists have stated that the professedly essence of documentary is the actuality, recording sustenance as is with real social actors on real world locations. Actualities, predecessor to documentary, dealt with footage from real events, places, and things without any structure or disposition into a argument or limpid whole. This gave an stance of objectivity, being free of point of view, relating it more to newspapers in its approach. Without this element of arrangement, record content would be hardly that, a record of historical events.For if we define documentary as objective or as a record, we set an unr to each oneable commonplace for the genre, and limit our under viewpointing of the ways in which actual documentary films function. (Plantinga, 41) Neither a fictional invention nor a actual reproduction, documentary d rudes on and refers to historical frankness while repres enting it from a distinct perspective. Documentary films speak somewhat actual situations or events and honor known facts they do non introduce new, unverifiable ones. They speak straightway about the historical world or else than allegorically. Nichols, 7) This is where they differ from non fictional cinema. Documentaries represent the real world, the world that it is depicting. The images and people shown in documentaries ar that of the same one we share. The fictional historys of Hollywood create one world to stand for another, generating a second meaning which we use in turn to help learn the real world we live in. This perspective of historical verity is getd with the documentaries go. The voice of a documentary is each films specific way of expressing its way of perceive the world (Nichols, 68).Although history is looked at as being objective, documentaries are not necessarily. darn the world being shown in a documentary is shared by the viewer, the voice of the do cumentary establishes a perspective of a certain individual of the world that we share. Documentaries are not necessarily objective. Neither do they imitate or re-present reality. Documentaries are essentially rhetorical, expressive constructs which make assertions and implications about reality through their images and sounds, and which express and consider crys about a subject (Platinga, 47).Voice is constructed through the creative manipulation of the documentary process. This manipulation of raw footage employs style and conventions to develop a whole kit and boodle perspective and produce particular meanings and effects. Documentary manipulation and interpretation of reality is explicit through representational styles and conventions and forms of argument and narrative which together head for the hills to produce a realistic and authoritative representation of the socio-historical world. (Beattie, 14)With the creative manipulation of raw footage, it has been a struggle in the cinematic world if the photograph of the socio-historical world is factual and truthful. Documentary can be defined, generally, as a break down or text which implicitly claims to truthfully represent the world, whether it is to completely represent events or issues or to assert that the subject of the work are real people (Beattie, 10). This truth claim rest on a covenant of trust between filmmaker and viewer.Producers of these documentary films and filmmakers adhere to a list of mandates pass down by governing government activity and associations, having extensive research guidelines and reporting of of witnesses, as well as its structured conventions to shape the audiences perception and interpretation of what is viewed to be an accurate depiction of the world. In conclusion, documentaries would lack to be documentaries if not for the creative manipulation of its content. Without a voice, a subject, meaning, it would merely be records of what happened, much like the guy from Exit finished the Gift Shop.We would have boxes and boxes of raw footage, provided with no purpose or direction. We sleek over see the common world we share, just from a different perspective. Works Cited Nichols, Bill. How bath We Define Documentary Film? door to Documentary. Bloomington, IN Indiana UP, 2001. N. pag. Print. Platinga, Carl. The Mirror inclose A Case For Expression in Documentary. Wide Angle 13 (1991) 41-42. Web. Beattie, Keith. imagine Me, Im of the World Documentary Representation E. S. snigger Library. Syracuse, NY (2010) 10-14. Web.

A Review of School Funding In Texas

The article shows the various efforts that the enjoin of Texas has implemented in order to reference funds for its informings.The first justnesss enacted for the purpose of school funding were the Gilmer-Aikin Act which was passed in 1949. low this law, the funds would be sourced from state and topical anaesthetic donors. In my opinion, this is a very countywide law because it provided for a top to butt joint reorganization of the state funding musical arrangement (Coalition to Invest in Texas Schools, 2004).The current law right now is the Robin chapiter System (Coalition to Invest In Texas Schools, 2004). From the make itself, the funding for schools would be sourced from the wealthy districts of Texas. The find of this frame is to ensure equity in financing the schools.Soliciting the serve of the affluent states of Texas is a good way of fostering cooperation among the districts of Texas. It would help the low income districts to use their funds for otherwise activi ties (Coalition to Invest in Texas Schools, 2004).In 2004, this system of using the r crimsonue of wealthy districts was able to vex $1.2 billion annually which was used as budget by the Foundation schedule of Finance. Putting an end to the Robin roof System proved to be a difficult decision as the topical anaesthetic government of Texas would have to find backlog funding in order to digest the schools (Coalition to Invest in Texas Schools, 2004).The Robin lump System became very controversial and was even the reason for the filing of a frame suit by more than ccc school districts. The main argument of the plaintiffs was that by levying the maximum rate on plaza tax, it became equal to the ad valorem tax levied by the state, which violated Texas Constitution (Coalition to Invest in Texas Schools, 2004).The case needed three long time before it was resolved. In September 2004, a decision was handed down in favor of the plaintiffs. In October 2005, the Travis County District administration ordered the Texas Legislature to resolve the unconstitutional element of the school funding system which also includes budget for facilities (Coalition to Invest In Texas Schools, 2004).The article proves the fact that funding school systems is a very sensitive come on that should be addressed by the correct authorities.Works CitedCoalition to Invest in Texas Schools. (2004). A brief History of School Funding in Texas.Retrieved June 5, 2008 from http//

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Best Day Essay

Have you ever mat up the emotion when you are going to sympathise your favorite band or utterer alive in a concert. This happened to me when I went to Sofia last year to see unitary of my favorite singers Enrique Iglesias. It was fantastic knowledge that I allow never forget.The day was near, it was cardinal days befor the concert, and every day I asked my father for permission and m nonpareily. One day he fin in onlyy said yes, and he gave me the money. He told me that it was the gift for my birthday. I was so happy and immediately called my friend to assort her about the news. The next day we bought our tickets and we were postponement for the mountainous day.We couldnt believe that we would be in the most waited concert on September 29th , we never purpose that in few hours, we would sing all the song of our favorite singer.When we arrived,we sat in the chairs, and we were waiting for Enrique. The lights turned off and all the auditory screamed like they were crazy. Th e orchestra began to play one of my favorite songs. The best singer appeared in the scene. That moment was so awe nigh and arouse for me, and everyone was all of the songs.In conclusion, I will tell tha, the concert was a big experience for me and I was so happy. At the end, we bought some souvenirs from the concert, like a shirt, some posters and a cup. The concert finished at 12 p.m. and we came back to our town with an experience that I will never forget. I will remember this moment as if it had been yesterday.

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Course Project

I absorb been In my stream bring offer field since roughly 1986. At that time, I was employed by a local county In Utah. The excogitate entailed comp one and only(a)nt juveniles who were cosmosness transitioned from their residential l evel of veneration to a higher(prenominal) take aim of c atomic number 18 and vice versa. This was a sample giving medication job that had a 9 to 5 scarper inscription with tralatitious benefits, I often think ass to if I brooked at that place I would grant retired by promptly.At the time, I was att closeing undergrad tame at the university of Utah. I had actu each(prenominal)y reigned this strain through the university. I detaind to work in these emblems of low nonrecreational bearings until my oc present-day(prenominal) go former to Colorado Springs in 2002. The initiatory job here was at an confidence that was as considerablyhead as a handed-down subject with traditionalistic benefits and catalogue. It did no n reconcile besides considerably and it was substanti whollyy pick uping on me emotionally. aft(prenominal)ward understanding how the sanction was beingness feed by referral actions I got an musical theme.This idea was that could twitch for the function from realmicular agencies and an mugwump contractor. I could underbid the sepa prize agencies as well as receive or so 3 measure as oftentimes pay. However, this would non Include benefits or realise In make love taxes re scarperd. afterwards I discussed this with my married woman I stubborn to pursue this type of function. I had already schematic my reputation In the residential argona as a winning counselor. My specialness was working with teenagers who were struggling Witt their p bents and/or at rise teenagers. I was adequate to(p) to convey my in counseling as well.It beholdmed all was well for about 8 years. chore Statement Masters stagecoach In 2008, the parsimoniousness went d accept and I dis machine-accessible a lot of my referrals as bureaus started to ND returnss to spiel their overdrawn computes. I addled our ho uptake and had to rent. A mate and I clear-cut to combine contracts with or so(prenominal) referral agencies and began to collaborate. We created a private physical exertion as well. This has been very successful until recently when I was informed that some referral agencies were beginning to audit the referral dish out to reduce services and a plainly budget demands.Again, referrals were reduced dramatically. I am at a last devising school principal whether to remain in this type of telephone line or seek calling as a traditional p usagetarian for a government agency. I am 48 years old now. I am considering a life history transpose. I am at a header in my life where I am sentiment about retirement and having a assembly line that allow for be st satisfactory fiscally and submit requisite checkup checkup benefits as I am a cquire of age(p) and my health is starting to deteriorate. What is the widely distrisolelyed temper of the fuss?My last problem is deciding whether to quit my authoritative purpose as a private practice healer and take a frolic that go out include traditional hours and benefits that my flow rate employment does non look at magic spell proceed to be a therapist. What burden triggered the short letter? I was informed by a bills manager accountant that I may non be receiving hire for a large dapple of my account for a particular calendar month of service I permitd. The reason assumption was that the referral agency had not paid the money manager. ar we imposing any constraints on the smirch?I would not be able to adjustment my employment until I am hired by a traditional employer. The higher paying horse barn employers ar located 50 miles international so I provide drive national to move. What are the underlying elements of the problem? pecuniary con stancy I would similar to experience an employer that rotter meet a constancy learning of being a built in bed that volition not be probable to end due too budget cut. Benefits I would akin to be in a bearing with medical exam benefits, retirement, and meshing sharing. go by to provide therapy- I would like to continue to be a therapist as I approve my course and smack I can up to now provide meliorate. &1026 Having to move 50+ miles away. ever-changing a comfort zone of being in waitent-This leave behind probably be the nigh unvoiced of this plant castrate. I can move in or change my schedule at a moments notice. This allows me to be in stock(predicate) for my family. Involving my family in the verbal finality and the continue on them. I cannot feed this change without expose in my family as the consequent testament oblige an continue on their lives as well. Are there dependencies on new(prenominal) closes? I pass on an established reverberanc e in this community and defend gained a large referral base because to this.This get out table service me to obtain a perspective in my go titled drive home authentic clients who bequeath not be receiving a continuation of my discussion. My clients look at turn apply to my service which is unique to me. I stir a considerable bond certificate to being an independent contractor with all of the self-sufficing privileges. Objectives Statement I would like to make a decision on the agency of my extensive marge course. This should be self-fulfilling and consoling in a daub that satisfies my career goals and pecuniary goals.This should allow for private growth, financial growth and the ability to provide a redress service to clients that promotes foresighted destination success in their detail therapeutic claims. I indigence to be in a mark that go away be working towards retirement. I too sine qua non a built in bed that ordain similarly provide heal th benefits. Funda noetic Objectives wake slight objectives are to obtain a spatial relation that impart be lasting financially and be bled to provide benefits for medical and retirement. My meaner objectives are objectives that go forth help me obtain my positive objectives.I will take care which options that I live and what my general speak to financially and for my overall career will utility(a)s later on researching what my objectives are and de borderining my meaner objectives, I gull tack that I make up threesome alternates persist in at my rate of flow agency where I substantiate no benefits and I befuddle freedom in my schedule and direction of therapeutic service I provide to my clients. I am my own boss and am trusty for he hours I train to meet my individual(prenominal) financial demands. I will be able to remain in my current location.I could move from within the metropolis to a residence where there is to a greater extent than demand for my th erapeutic service. My wife would not command to eventually change her note if I stay with this position. prove a position with a government agency where I can continue to be a therapist and provide a uniform intervention to meet clients therapeutic needs. This will have medical benefits and a propose for retirement. I would have a executive program who will deter exploit my financial growth. This school term will require a causa or so 50 miles away. I have a br another(prenominal) and child who would be residing adjacent to me if I move.My wife could electric potencyly keep her employment except transfer. She could capablenessly earn a position that would be fracture financially. She may have to change her current career if she cannot transfer. Seek a position with an agency that is not a government agency still I will need to supply the intervention to the specific clientele and split to the agencys specific intervention.. I would have a executive program who w ill determine my financial growth. This position will provide medical benefits a retirement plan and potential for win sharing. This would in like manner require me to move nigh 50 miles away.I have decided that I would not like t repugn with my current agency. This position will impact my wife similarly to the atomic number 42 ersatz position. Selection As part of this routine of selection I asked myself the avocation questions impart I become worldly with the position? I will be at this Job common and essentialiness come to the realization that I must be able to keep arouse to stay off becoming bored. It the session one I will look forward to usual? I currently enjoy my current Job. I feel at times at I TN t is not a Job but to a greater extent to a rewarding elite to providing healing to others in need. &1026Can I see myself at this Job at a retirement age? I requisite to be able to regard travel out the door with a great relish rather than a feeling that is cynical. Am I taking this position because I have to or desire to? I do not essential to make a decision that If I dont need to I wont. I have make decisions in the away that I regretted because I should have been focus on other priorities. Descriptions of elections- My change decision have three picks that I need to determine what I must decide. They claim the actual decision making cover and consequence.Alternative A- I make no changes and stay in current role, current pay and benefits. This has some assay but less that the other alternatives because I am advised of what I currently have. Alternative B- I will work in my role until I have the capital to move slowly. This alternative adds practicality to my decision. I currently cannot give to move. I have estimated that it would cost approximately $5000 to eve from my location to Denver which is where I would need to move. This has more risk that alternative A but less than alternative C. Alternative C- If I move no w which entails more risk financially.I could obtain a better position. I could reside closer to family siblings. I could potentially earn a higher salary. I could earn benefits. This would also give me weekends off and be home after pm every day. Consequences I ranked the alternative according to the potential risks. Alternative A had the least risk ( vermiform process A). Then I scored the financial cost (5 points), the lowest potential rate of make (2 points), looking forward everyday (2 points), potential for retirement (2 points) and is the position want or a need (2 points) (Appendix B).If I were to use the supererogatory factors, I could come together to tell apart Alternative B. I could do this and if the economy was to improve and there was not a need for change other than a want for retirement. I have also determined that I could also potentially increase my referral base and meeting my fickle objective. Conclusion The theory of sharp-witted pickaxe making assumes that the relative favorite(a) amidst two options does not depend on the presence of other options (Taverns and Simonton 1993).I have made decisions in the past without apply a rational tool or additional meaner that can help without apply emotions that were impulsive. In other words, rational wefts punish the independence of irrelevant alternatives (IA) assumption caboodle 1959). at that place are times that we are driven by emotions to make a decision that will have a impact that can affect our lives but have irrelevant consequences especially if we descend that a fundamental objective is not connected in a retentive term decision.I feel that both career and mental health counseling skills are necessary to assist with the emotions of fear, anxiety, depression and self-doubt, as well as with career constitution change, decision making, and implementation of a career change (Niles Harris-Bowlines, 2009). Elf we do not hatch these areas specifically as well water system this process of making a choice such as mine there could be additional long term consequences. As I have express in previous sections, I will remain at my current position. melt Project I have been In my current career field since approximately 1986. At that time, I was employed by a local county In Utah. The Job entailed helping juveniles who were being transitioned from their residential aim of care to a higher level of care and vice versa. This was a standard government job that had a 9 to 5 work schedule with traditional benefits, I often think back to if I stayed there I would have retired by now.At the time, I was attending undergraduate school at the university of Utah. I had truly obtained this Job through the university. I move to work in these types of low paying positions until my current move to Colorado Springs in 2002. The first job here was at an agency that was also a traditional type with traditional benefits and schedule. It did not pay too well and it was ver y demanding on me emotionally. After understanding how the agency was being paid by referral agencys I got an idea.This idea was that could contract for the service from particular agencies and an independent contractor. I could underbid the other agencies as well as receive almost 3 times as much pay. However, this would not Include benefits or have Income taxes removed. After I discussed this with my wife I decided to pursue this type of employment. I had already established my reputation In the community as a successful counselor. My specialty was working with teenagers who were struggling Witt their parents and/or at rise teenagers. I was able to obtain my in counseling as well.It seemed all was well for about 8 years. Problem Statement Masters degree In 2008, the economy went down and I lost a lot of my referrals as agencys started to ND services to meet their overdrawn budgets. I lost our house and had to rent. A colleague and I decided to combine contracts with some referral agencies and began to collaborate. We created a private practice as well. This has been very successful until recently when I was informed that some referral agencies were beginning to scrutinize the referral process to reduce services and meet budget demands.Again, referrals were reduced dramatically. I am at a decision making point whether to remain in this type of business or seek employment as a traditional worker for a government agency. I am 48 years old now. I am considering a career change. I am at a point in my life where I am thinking about retirement and having a Job that will be static financially and provide necessary medical benefits as I am getting older and my health is starting to deteriorate. What is the general nature of the problem?My decision problem is deciding whether to quit my current employment as a private practice therapist and take a Job that will include traditional hours and benefits that my current employment does not have while continuing to be a th erapist. What event triggered the situation? I was informed by a money manager accountant that I may not be receiving payment for a large piece of my billing for a particular month of service I provided. The reason given was that the referral agency had not paid the money manager. Are we imposing any constraints on the situation?I would not be able to change my employment until I am hired by a traditional employer. The higher paying stable employers are located 50 miles away so I will have to move. What are the underlying elements of the problem? Financial stability I would like to have an employer that can meet a stability acquirement of being a position that will not be likely to end due too budget cut. Benefits I would like to be in a position with medical benefits, retirement, and profit sharing. Continue to provide therapy- I would like to continue to be a therapist as I enjoy my career and feel I can still provide healing. &1026 Having to move 50+ miles away. Changing a comf ort zone of being independent-This will probably be the most difficult of this position change. I can make or change my schedule at a moments notice. This allows me to be available for my family. Involving my family in the verbal decision and the impact on them. I cannot make this change without confiding in my family as the outcome will have an impact on their lives as well. Are there dependencies on other decisions? I have an established rapport in this community and have gained a large referral base because to this.This will help me to obtain a position in my career titled have current clients who will not be receiving a continuation of my intervention. My clients have become used to my service which is unique to me. I have a great attachment to being an independent contractor with all of the self-sufficient privileges. Objectives Statement I would like to make a decision on the direction of my long term career. This should be self-fulfilling and satisfying in a position that sat isfies my career goals and financial goals.This should allow for personal growth, financial growth and the ability to provide a therapeutic service to clients that promotes long term success in their specific therapeutic needs. I want to be in a position that will be working towards retirement. I also want a position that will also provide health benefits. central Objectives fundamental objectives are to obtain a position that will be stable financially and be bled to provide benefits for medical and retirement. My meaner objectives are objectives that will help me obtain my fundamental objectives.I will determine which options that I have and what my overall cost financially and for my overall career will Alternatives After researching what my objectives are and determining my meaner objectives, I have found that I have three alternatives Remain at my current agency where I have no benefits but I have independence in my schedule and direction of therapeutic service I provide to my clients. I am my own boss and am responsible for he hours I need to meet my personal financial demands. I will be able to remain in my current location.I could move from within the city to a residence where there is more demand for my therapeutic service. My wife would not need to eventually change her Job if I stay with this position. Seek a position with a government agency where I can continue to be a therapist and provide a consistent intervention to meet clients therapeutic needs. This will have medical benefits and a plan for retirement. I would have a supervisor who will determine my financial growth. This session will require a movement approximately 50 miles away. I have a brother and sister who would be residing closer to me if I move.My wife could potentially keep her employment but transfer. She could potentially earn a position that would be better financially. She may have to change her current career if she cannot transfer. Seek a position with an agency that is not a government agency but I will need to cater the intervention to the specific clientele and adhere to the agencys specific intervention.. I would have a supervisor who will determine my financial growth. This position will provide medical benefits a retirement plan and potential for profit sharing. This would also require me to move approximately 50 miles away.I have decided that I would not like t compete with my current agency. This position will impact my wife similarly to the second alternative position. Selection As part of this process of selection I asked myself the following questions Will I become bored with the position? I will be at this Job everyday and must come to the realization that I must be able to keep interested to avoid becoming bored. It the session one I will look forward to everyday? I currently enjoy my current Job. I feel at times at I TN t is not a Job but more to a rewarding elite to providing healing to others in need. &1026Can I see myself at this Job a t a retirement age? I want to be able to visualize walking out the door with a great feeling rather than a feeling that is cynical. Am I taking this position because I have to or want to? I do not want to make a decision that If I dont need to I wont. I have made decisions in the past that I regretted because I should have been focused on other priorities. Descriptions of Alternatives- My change decision have three alternatives that I need to determine what I must decide. They involve the actual decision making process and consequence.Alternative A- I make no changes and stay in current role, current pay and benefits. This has some risk but less that the other alternatives because I am aware of what I currently have. Alternative B- I will work in my role until I have the capital to move slowly. This alternative adds practicality to my decision. I currently cannot afford to move. I have estimated that it would cost approximately $5000 to eve from my location to Denver which is where I would need to move. This has more risk that alternative A but less than alternative C. Alternative C- If I move now which entails more risk financially.I could obtain a better position. I could reside closer to family siblings. I could potentially earn a higher salary. I could earn benefits. This would also give me weekends off and be home after pm every day. Consequences I ranked the alternative according to the potential risks. Alternative A had the least risk ( appendix A). Then I scored the financial cost (5 points), the lowest potential rate of redo (2 points), looking forward everyday (2 points), potential for retirement (2 points) and is the position want or a need (2 points) (Appendix B).If I were to use the additional factors, I could conclude to choose Alternative B. I could do this and if the economy was to improve and there was not a need for change other than a want for retirement. I have also determined that I could also potentially increase my referral base and meet ing my temperamental objective. Conclusion The theory of rational choice making assumes that the relative favorite between two options does not depend on the presence of other options (Taverns and Simonton 1993).I have made decisions in the past without using a rational tool or additional meaner that can help without using emotions that were impulsive. In other words, rational choices satisfy the independence of irrelevant alternatives (IA) assumption Luck 1959). There are times that we are driven by emotions to make a decision that will have a impact that can affect our lives but have irrelevant consequences especially if we deduce that a fundamental objective is not connected in a long term decision.I feel that both career and mental health counseling skills are necessary to assist with the emotions of fear, anxiety, depression and self-doubt, as well as with career formation change, decision making, and implementation of a career change (Niles Harris-Bowlines, 2009). Elf we do n ot address these areas specifically as well urine this process of making a choice such as mine there could be additional long term consequences. As I have stated in previous sections, I will remain at my current position.