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Procrastination Essay -- essays research papers

To procrastinate is to put off doing something out of casual carelessness or common laziness. It often needlessly postpones or delays events or objectives in your life which can effect others. Procrastination is almost like a drug in your life, because once you start doing it a little bit, it slowly adds up to a dependency that you will find to be common habit. Although this is what we all perceive procrastination to be bad, there are some benefits to it. It can lay down beneficial impact on how you take pressure, or how well you can act when time is limited.Procrastination is something that you dont naturally have an indispensable ability to do. It is often brought on by finding ways around things such as due dates. It will mostly start off as not doing small homework assignments or even equitable simple house-hold chores that you try to put off as long as possible just to be able to play more. Or when you are even doing homework, such as a essay, you can find your self having a multitude of characteristics of it. somewhat may be just seem like difficulty concentrating or daydreaming. You may think that you are just having a small writers block, but you could rattling possibly be subconsciously procrastinating because you know u you dont want to do this, so you delay it.Amazingly how so many highschool school, and college students do this, not many seem to realize the consequences of it until its to late. S...

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The Character of Casey in The Grapes of Wrath :: Grapes Wrath essays

The Character of Casey in The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck passionately describes a time of unfair poverty, unity, and the hu humanity spirit growth in the classic novel, The Grapes of Wrath. The novel tells of real, diverse characters that experience growth through turmoil and hardship. Jim Casy, a person-to-person favorite character, is an ex-preacher that meets with a former worshiper, Tom Joad. Casy continues a relationship with Tom and the rest of the Joads as they embark on a journey to California with the hopes of prosperity. Casy represents how the umteen situations in life impact the ever-changing souls of human beings and the search within to discover ones true identity and beliefs. Casy, however, was much more complex than the average individual. His unprejudiced, unified, Christ-like being twists and turns with every mental and extraneous disaccord. Jim Casy is an interesting, complicated man. He brush aside be seen as a modern day Christ figure, except without the tending prove belief in the Christian faith. The initials of his name, J.C., are the same as those of Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus was exalted by many for what he stood for and was supposititious to be, Casy was hailed and respected by many for simply being a preacher. Casy and Jesus both saw a common goodness in the average man and saw every person as holy. Both Christ and Casy faced struggles between their ideals and the real beingness. Despite Casys honesty, goodness, and loyalty to all men, he would not move in a meal or warm place to stay. Although Jesus had many followers, still others opposed his preaching until the very end. These prophets attempted to disengage man from the cares of the world and create a high spiritualism that stemmed joy from misery. All the migrants found pleasures along their trips and kept their hope and spirit throughout the journey. Thanks to Jesus, the saddest, dullest globe has had its glimpse of Heaven. Casy once remarked, I gotta see them fol ks thats gone out on the road. I gotta feelin I got to see them. They gonna need help no preachin can contrive em. Hope of heaven when their lives aint lived? Holy Sperit when their own sperit is downcast an sad? (page ) Casy wished to reach out to others in spite of his own troubles. He wanted to give them sprit hope and he wanted to rejuvenate their souls.

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Benjamin Franklin :: History

Benjamin FranklinIt is in addition to understand what it took for Franklin to be such a renowned and respectable man. When one takes a look at the world in which he currently lives, he sees it as being normal since it is so inert in changing. When an historian looks at the present, he sees the effects of many events and many wise people. Benjamin Franklin is one of these people. His participation in so many antithetic fields changed the world immensely. He was a noted politician as well as respected scholar. He was an important inventor and scientist. Particularly evoke is the impact on the scientific world. Benjamin Franklin was a modest man who had had many jobs in his lifetime. This may help explain his large array of inventions and novel methods of working various jobs. He did everything from making cabbage-growing more efficient to making political decisions to being the first person to study and chart the Gulf pelt movement in the Atlantic Ocean. *Franklin was born in Bo ston, Massachusetts, on January 17, 1706. He was the fifteenth child in a family of seventeen kids. His parents, Josiah and Abiah Franklin, were hard working solemn Puritan/Calvinist people. Josiah Franklin made candles for a living. Since the Franklins were so poor, little Benjamin couldnt afford to go to school for longer than twain years. In those two years, however, Franklin learned to read which opened the door to further education for him. Since he was only a fair writer and had very poor mathematical skills, he worked to tutor himself at home. Benjamin Franklin was a determined young man. As a boy, he taught himself to be a very good writer. He also learned basic algebra and geometry, navigation, grammar, logic, and natural and physical science. He partially mastered French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Latin. He was soon to be named the best educated man in the country. When he was 12-years-old, he was apprentice to his brother in printing. Benjamins brother founded the s econd news physical composition in America. Many people told him that one newspaper was enough for America and that the paper would soon collapse. On the contrary, it became very popular. Occasionally, young Benjamin would write an article to be printed and slip it under the printing rooms door signed as unidentified. The following is a direct quote from Franklins Autobiography. It describes his writing the articles as a boy.

Dealing with Loss in Killing the Bear Essay -- Minty Killing the Bear

 Dealing with Loss in Killing the Bear      Often things that we experience as children have lasting affects on us that creep up when we least expect them. In Judith Mintys story Killing the Bear, a woman finds herself in just such a situation. She in conclusion deals with something that happened to her as a young child that she probably never even realized was bothering her. In this story the central character painfully comes to grips with a major(ip) loss of security from her childhood. Throughout Killing the Bear the author flips back and forth from the story at hand and seemingly only loosely relate anecdotes about the main character and bears. One of the first of these side stories is about the womans childhood. It talks about something that happens to most children, the loss of an object of security. The girl is attached to a stuffed bear and her mother takes it away for three months (12). She is told that when the time is over if she has stopped suc king her thumb, she can have the toy back. When the time passes, however, the child discovers...

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Broken Lives by Estelle Blackburn :: Character Analysis, Literary Analysis

The fourth Chapter of Estella Blackburns non fiction novel Broken lives A Fathers Influence, exposes readers to Eric Edgar Cooke and John Buttons time of adolescence. The chapter juxtaposes the two main characters in like manner provide the reader with character analyses so later they may make judgment on the verdict. The chapter includes accounts of the crimes and punishments that Cooke contended with from 1948 to 1958. Cookes psychiatric assessment that he received during one(a) of his first convictions and his life after conviction, marring Sally Lavin. It also exposes John Buttons crime of truancy, and his move from the UK to Australia. The chapter A Fathers Influence is constructed with several techniques including selection of detail, filling of language, characterization, structure and writers point of view to reveal Blackburns values of social acceptance, parenting, family love, and a fathers influence. Consequently revealing her attitude that a barbarians upbringing and there parents influence alter the characterization of a child significantly.Blackburns choice of language is impetrative in positioning the reader to hitch Button as the Protagonist and Cooke as the antagonist. The thirteen year old blinked and stammered when he tried to answer the magistrates questions about why he was wagging drill. The words blinked and stammered describing buttons actions encourage sympathy and an imagery of innocence. But now he felt vengeful too. He wanted to spoil things a little for those clever people who didnt suffer like he did, the words vengeful, and wanted to spoil associated with Cookes thoughts, encourage a menacing, and revengeful imagery of Cooke.

Broken Lives by Estelle Blackburn :: Character Analysis, Literary Analysis

The fourth Chapter of Estella Blackburns non fiction novel Broken lives A Fathers Influence, exposes readers to Eric Edgar Cooke and John outlets time of adolescence. The chapter juxtaposes the two main characters too provide the reader with character analyses so later they may make judgment on the verdict. The chapter includes accounts of the crimes and punishments that Cooke contended with from 1948 to 1958. Cookes psychiatric assessment that he received during one of his first convictions and his life after conviction, marring Sally Lavin. It also exposes John Buttons crime of truancy, and his escape from the UK to Australia. The chapter A Fathers Influence is constructed with several techniques including selection of detail, option of language, characterization, structure and writers point of view to reveal Blackburns values of social acceptance, parenting, family love, and a fathers influence. Consequently revealing her attitude that a childs upbringing and there parents inf luence alter the characterization of a child significantly.Blackburns choice of language is impetrative in positioning the reader to see Button as the Protagonist and Cooke as the antagonist. The thirteen year old blinked and stammered when he tried to attend the magistrates questions about why he was wagging school. The words blinked and stammered describing buttons actions encourage sympathy and an imagery of innocence. But now he felt vengeful too. He wanted to spoil things a little for those happy people who didnt suffer like he did, the words vengeful, and wanted to spoil associated with Cookes thoughts, encourage a menacing, and revengeful imagery of Cooke.

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Interaction Between Teenagers and Their Parents Essay

In my opinion, there is not enough interaction between teenagers and their parents these days. I hypothesize it is true because of career of their parent, modern technology, and distance between them. The first reason is the career of their parent. The parents always hope their children were life in the best narrow down and were interpreted care in the best services. So they try to earn more money in order to pay for the fee of education of their children. It make them develop harder, and they lost the time for talking and playing with their children. Therefore, more and more children feel familiar with butler than their parents.The second reason is the distance between them. Their parent feat to get promote in their work so they work more than another coworker. They make more money and their children have better teacher, life condition and the butler who take care the children replacing their parent. The children grow up in the butler hand so the children feel familiar with butl er and sometimes prize butler is more important than their parents.Finally, the modern technology is a big trouble made increasing the distance between them. Nowadays, there are many a(prenominal) modern technology staff to children enjoy such as, the computer, PlayStation, and entertainments. The children have many friend online and they spend much time on internet with friend alternatively of helping their parent do housework or get actually experience from their parents.In short, interaction between teenagers and their children is less and less so the parents motive care their children more and make them become a useful and responsible person. The children need to be grow up in loving.

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Abstract Background Anaemia is leafy vegetable worldwide specially in create countries where nutrient deficiencies are prevalent. It is a common problem in the outpatient set but its always neglected and taken lightly which tummy defecate hyperdynamic circulation disturbances and raise the rate of morbidity and mortality. Aim To determine the prevalence of microcytic Hypochromic anaemia in medicine emergency room casualty in academy pedagogy hospital. Method This is a descriptive cross-sectional study which was done in the Academy Teaching Hospital in which 75 of the emergency room patients participated in the study.The state of nutrition of the patients was evaluated by a questionnaire answe rubicund by the patients. Chapter One Introduction and Literature go off 1. 1 Introduction Anaemia Anaemia is defined as the tearinguction in the oxygen-transporting capacity of birth, which usually stems from a reduction of the total circulating red cell mass to below normal amounts . Blood haemoglobin level is below 13. 5 g/dl in an handsome male and below 11. 5 g/dl in an adult female. (1) assortment Classified according to 1. Causes a. Inadequate production of RBC. b. Blood acquittance anaemia * Acute due to acute hemorrhage. * continuing due to GIT bleeding, menorrhagia. . Excessive remnant of RBC (haemolysis). 2. Morphology a. Microcytic * Iron privation. * Thalassemia. * Sideroblastic. b. Microcytic * Folate deficiency. * B12 deficiency. c. Normocytic * Aplastic anaemia. * Myelodysplastic anaemia. There are many undiagnosed cases of anaemia that if left undetected can lead to several complications, those entangle (2) 1. Infections people with the anaemia are more susceptible to getting infections from viruses and bacteria. 2. Severe bleeding if bleeding is severe, internal and excessive then death can succeed if a line of work transfusion is not given and the prepare of the bleeding is not treated. . Stroke if haemoglobin is defective, it can d amage the walls of the red blood vessels and this can result in narrowing or even blockages in the brain, which can lead to serious, life threatening strokes. (2) Microcytic Hypochromic Anaemia Microcytic genus Anemia is a blood affection characterized by small red blood cells (erythrocytes) which have insufficient haemoglobin and hence have a decreased ability to carry oxygen by look ons of the body. The red blood cells are small due to a failure of haemoglobin synthesis or insufficient quantities of haemoglobin available. (3) Classification 1. Iron deficiency anaemia . Sideroblastic anaemia. 3. Thalassemia. Iron deficiency anaemia Its estimated to be the main cause of anaemia affecting around 10% of the population in positive countries and 25-50% in developing countries. The prevalence of iron deficiency anemia in the United States was 2 percent in adult men, but was found to be more common in child-bearing women age. (4) Total body iron content is about 2gm for females, an d 6gm for males. Most of the iron within the body is found in hemoglobin within erythrocytes (80%), with the remainder being found in myoglobin and iron containing enzymes.Iron is stored in liver, spleen, bone marrow and skeletal muscle. This iron storage pool contains on mean(a) 15-20% of total body iron. (4) Iron is transported in the plasma by an iron binding protein called transferrin. In normal individuals, transferrin is about 33% saturated with iron. dietetic iron is obtained either from inorganic sources or animal sources. Dietary iron enters intestinal cells via specific transporters. The iron is then used by the cell, stored as ferritin or transferred to the plasma. (4) Erythropoiesis is the development process in which new erythrocytes are produced, through which each cell matures in about 7 days.Through this process erythrocytes are continuously produced in the red bone marrow of large bones, at a rate of about 2 million per second in a healthy adult. The bloods red co lor is due to the spectral properties of the hemic iron ions in hemoglobin. The red blood cells of an average adult human male store collectively about 2. 5 grams of iron, representing about 65% of the total iron contained in the body. (5)(6) Causes * Poor intake. * Decreased absorption (celiac disease, gastrectomy). * Increased demand in growing adolescents and pregnancy. * Blood loss from GIT due to * Hookworm infestation. Erosions associated with NSAID, peptic ulcer or neoplastic disease. * Hemorrhoids. * Blood loss from irregular or excessive menstruation. Symptoms and signs (7) Symptoms may include * Fatigue. * suddenness of breath * Lightheadedness. * Palpitations. * Dizziness. * Chest pain. * Blurred vision. * Sleep disturbance. Signs may include * Rapid heart rate. * Low blood pressure. * Rapid breathing. * Pale conjunctiva. * Cold skin. * Enlargement of the spleen. diagnosing of iron deficiency anaemia * Complete blood count and color with iron deficiency anaemia red blood cells are smaller and paler in color than normal. Hematocrit This is the percentage of blood volume made up by red blood cells. Normal levels are generally 41% for adult women and 47% for adult men. These values may change depending on your age. * Haemoglobin Lower than normal hemoglobin levels indicate anemia (12-16 g/dl in an adult male and 13. 7-17. 5 g/dl in an adult female). * Ferritin This protein helps store iron in your body, and a low level of ferritin usually indicates a low level of stored iron. Some tests might be done to detect the underlying cause, like * Endoscopy Often to check for bleeding from a hiatal hernia, an ulcer or the stomach. Colonoscopy To rule out lower intestinal sources of bleeding. * Ultrasound Women may also have a pelvic ultrasound to look for the cause of excess catamenial bleeding, such as uterine fibroids. (8)(9) Sideroblastic anaemia It is a disease in which the bone marrow produces ringed sideroblasts rather than healthy red blood cells (eryth rocytes). 10 In Sideroblastic anemia, the body has iron available but cannot incorporate it into hemoglobin, which red blood cells need to transport oxygen efficiently.Sideroblasts are atypical, abnormal nucleated erythroblasts (precursors to mature red blood cells) with granules of iron accumulated in perinuclear mitochondria. 11 Sideroblasts are seen in aspirates of bone marrow. Causes * Failure to dischargely form heme molecules, This leads to deposits of iron in the mitochondria that form a ring around the nucleus of the developing red blood cell. * Toxins lead, tomentum or zinc poisoning * Drug-induced ethanol, isoniazid, chloramphenicol, cycloserine, Oral Contraceptives * Nutritional pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) or copper deficiency * Diseases Rheumatoid arthritis, or multiple myeloma Genetic ALA synthase deficiency (X-linked, associated with ALAS2)12 Symptoms and signs * Pale skin, eyelids and lips. * Fatigue and weakness. * Dizziness. * Enlarged liver and/or spleen. Diagnosis R inged sideroblasts are seen in the bone marrow. Laboratory findings * Increased ferritin levels * Normal total iron-binding capacity * Hematocrit of about 20-30% * Serum Iron High * High transferrin satuproportionn * The mean corpuscular volume or MCV is usually normal or low. * With lead poisoning, see coarse basophilic stippling of red blood cells on peripheral blood smear * Specific test Prussian Blue stain of RBC in marrow.Shows ringed sideroblasts. * can also cause microcytic hypochromic anemia. (12) Thalassemia It is a collection of inherited autosomal recessive blood disorders that originated in the Mediterranean region. In Thalassemia the genetic defect, which could be either mutation or deletion, results in reduced rate of synthesis, or no synthesis of one of the globins chains that make up hemoglobin. This can cause the formation of abnormal hemoglobin molecules, thus cause anemia, the characteristic presenting symptom of the Thalassemia. (13) Symptoms and signs * Fatigu e and weakness. * Shortness of breath. * Pale appearance. Irritability. * Yellow discoloration of the skin. * Facial bone deformities. * Slow growth. * Abdominal swelling. * Dark urine. (14) Diagnosis * Blood tests. * prenatal screening. (14) Laboratory findings * A low level of red blood cells * Smaller than expected red blood cells * Pale red blood cells * Red blood cells that are varied in size and shape * Red blood cells with uneven hemoglobin distribution, which gives the cells a bulls-eye appearance under the microscope. (14) 1. 2 Literature Review A study was done in Italy about prevalence and incidence and types of diffused anaemia in the elderly.The objectives of this study were to estimate the prevalence and incidence of mild grade anemia and to assess the frequency of anemia types in the elderly. Design and Methods This was a prospective, population-based study in all residents 65 years or of age(p) in Biella, Italy. Results Blood test results were available for analys is from 8,744 elderly. Hemoglobin concentration decreased and mild anemia increased steadily with increasing age. Mild anemia (defined as a hemoglobin concentration of 10. 0-11. 9 g/dL in women and 10. 0-12. 9 g/dL in men) affected 11. % of the elderly include in the analysis, while the estimated prevalence in the entire population was 11. 1%. Before hemoglobin determination, most mildly anemic individuals perceived themselves as non-anemic. Chronic disease anemia, Thalassemia trait, and renal insufficiency were the most frequent types of mild anemia. (15) A study was done in emergency ward, Mulago Hospital, Uganda. Anaemia is a common problem in Africa, with prevalence ranging from 21. 1% to 64. 4% 16-21 and a significant impact on morbidity and mortality. 22,23 in patients with AIDS low haemoglobin levels are associated with poor outcomes. 4-27 However, anaemia in Africa has multiple causes, with infectious diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria contributing significantly to the anaemia burden. 28 Hookworm is a major(ip) contributor to anaemia and even light hookworm loads are associated with low haemoglobin levels, 29-33 although Lewis et al. reported that hookworm was not a common cause of anaemia among medical patients in Malawi. In a cross-sectional descriptive study 395 patients were recruited by systematic random sampling and their socio-demographic characteristics and clinical details collected.A complete blood count and peripheral film examination were done and stool examined for hookworm ova.. Of the patients 255 (64. 6%) had anaemia. The prevalence was higher among males (65. 8%) than females (63. 7%). Fatigue (odds ratio (OR) 2. 1, confidence interval (CI) 1. 37 3. 24), dizziness (OR 1. 64, CI 1. 07 2. 44), previous blood transfusion (OR 2. 83, CI 1. 32 6. 06), lymphadenopathy (OR 2. 99, CI 1. 34 6. 66) and splenomegaly (OR 5. 22, CI 1. 78 15. 28) were significantly associated with anaemia. Splenomegaly, low body mass index (BMI) (

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Explain with examples how the theoretical perspective of the researcher accepts choice of method

The choice of method apply to collect data is utilise by the theory that the given sociologist accepts. Most sociological theories have certain types of data they tend to collect, and certain methods that they choose to adopt.The two proficiencys used are duodecimal and qualitative. Quantitative proficiencys are used to measure distribution and the extent of a social characteristic. This technique is withal useful when comparing two social variables much(prenominal) as social class and educational achievement. The technique provides a percent eld or numerical feedback, allowing a statistical approach to sociological research. This type of research relies heavily on secondary data, i.e. research non collected by other parties, such as official statistics and social surveys, especially ones involving a glob inter scenery.The Quantitative research technique is favoured highly by positivists who see measurement and statistics as a crucial element in making sociology more scientif ic. This technique can easily be duplicated, repeated and classified to achieve the same results, meaning the conclusion can be confirmed as fact. Positivists may also create their own primary material through creating questionnaires or structured interviews.The second research technique is qualitative. Qualitative research is not based on measurements or statistics, and is useful if the researcher does not require a quantified figure or if the subject that is being studied cant be precisely measured. This modality works well with participant observation as the observer may want to simply observe behaviour rather than record it.Interpretivists prefer the Qualitative technique as they employ methods such as in depth interviews, non-participant and participant observation. These methods are not easily repeated and no two observations may be the same, but that are still very validated.Traditionally, those who followed positivism were the Structuralists, the Functionalists and to a c ertain degree the Marxists.The Structuralists believe that the system of society took greater precedence than the elements inside the system, so individuals are directed by society.Functionalists like Durkheim and Parsons believed that the actions of the individuals in society were controlled by the cultural system that they belonged to.Marx tried to apply more generalised historical social laws to his theories to try and predict societys future. However, some positivists have criticised him for not being scientific enough, and claim that his ideas are merely theoretical.The main body of interpretivism is made up of Phenomenologists and ethnomethodoligists. Phenomenologists are concerned with understanding how humans understand their environment and the world around them. The distinction between Phenomenology and positivism is often exaggerated. For pillowcase, Durkheim, the founding father of Functionalism did not stick rigidly to his own methodology. He made mental sketches of w hat it was like to be a Roman Catholic or Protestant.Ethnomethodology looks at how humans categorise the world around them, how people give meaning to their social world. This approach is only concerned with the subjective approach.Some sociologists do not fit like a shot into a category, interpretivist or positive. Symbolic interactionists such as Becker are commonly described as interpretivists as they understand they must appreciate the point of view of the actor, nevertheless, they still try to maintain a casual relationships. Some develop hypotheses and assess these against further evidence. Another example of a sociologist who crossed the boundaries was Cicourel, and ethnomethodoligist also used statistics to study juvenile justice.In modern times, theoretical commitment is not seen as important as structure and action and a mixed of methods is employed. For example Lea and Young have both used in depth interviews and statistics when analysing crime.Important points to take into consideration are that some techniques are better at analysing phenomenon than others. For example you would have great difficulty using social survey or official statistics to study police brutality or new age travellers. Some methods may be rejected as unethical such as covert participant research. Practical considerations are also noted. Time, money and keep down of collaborators may be affected if research is funded by a particular body.In conclusion, tradition dictates that there are only two choices of research technique that are adopted by different social theories, but in reality however, many sociologists find that the best way to achieve reliable and valid results is by combining both qualitative and quantitative.

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Comparing Oedipus and Prufrock

Everyone has at least one personal flaw that somehow overcomes or defeats them in a sure place in time. In this essay, two characters of completely different fields will be put face by side to compare their bear tragic flaws. On one hand, Sophocles Oedipus is proud, arrogant and persistent while on the other hand, Eliots Prufrock is self conscious, insecure, and indecisive. While the two characters are complete north-polar opposites, they also share a devastating similarity they are paranoid and in fear of their ingest fate. Oedipus personality is clearly conveyed as having excessive self-conceit and determination throughout the play.He first travels far from Corinth to prevent an oracles prediction that he would kill his father and marry his mother. He arrives in Thebes where the throng were distressed over the Sphinxs riddle. Oedipus then sets his mind on solving this riddle in which he succeeds and is awarded the throne to Thebes. This should take over been a huge climb of confidence for a man who was worried he would be cursed for the rest of his animation. He serves as a loyal King for his heap, seeming to unavoidableness to do the right thing for Thebes, but talks with such a conceited attitude.In the play, right after receiving news that the preceding kings killer whale is residing in Thebes, Oedipus states Well, I will start afresh and once again make dark things clear. Right worthy the concern of Phoebus, worthy thine too, for the dead I also, as is meet, will lend my aid to avenge this wrong to Thebes and to the God (Sophocles). With both assurance and superiority in his voice, Oedipus throws it in Thebes face that he has relieve them once before, and will do it again by bringing Laius killer to justice. He sets out on finding the person that murdered King Laius and puts entirely of his energy, pride, and persistence into it.He acts as a great detective and follows each clue diligently. This helps the play revolve around the question of solving a crime (Rix). By putting together the pieces of the murder mystery, he finally begins to questions himself about his involvement in the assassination and even his own fate. Sophocles Oedipus pursues self-knowledge and at the same time resists it because it whitethorn connect him with his past (Morgenstern). He eventually finds out that he is indeed his fathers killer and his mothers husband. Oedipus tragic flaws of hubris and determination ace him to blind himself and be exiled just as e said would happen to the murderer if he was found. Unlike Oedipus, the character in T. S. Eliots Love line of J. Alfred Prufrock is timid, insecure and indecisive. Throughout the poem, Prufrock is faced with a decision to approach a woman he has developed a liking to, or remain looking out a lonely window drowning his self consciousness in an ocean of self doubt. He wants to ask her the overwhelming question, but instead he purposefully avoids the woman by having personal detour conversa tions with himself about his self image. The entire poem is laced with Prufrock asking himself questions.He asks Do I dare cark the universe? (Eliot) as if the whole world will come crashing down if he simply talks to her. He wants to wait for the right time, but in the same thought, he knows his years are running out he mentions his bald spot and thin arms. Prufrock is so consumed with himself and how others might portray or try on him, that it is paralyzing him from social activities and gatherings. He is going through a mid life crisis that he may have brought on himself by leading an unproductive, bland life and his lack of determination and will to change that life may lead him into his fear of being lonely forever.Prufrock is essentially intimidated by women or people in general because he is ashamed of his personal appearance and monotony. One side of his personality believes in the possibility of having a relationship but the side of his self doubt and pity shackles him fr om living the life he is clearly screaming out for (Blythe). Towards the end of the poem, he realizes that he will never rebound up the courage to talk to the person he admires. He gives up on himself and becomes aware that he has wasted his life asking himself if he should do the things he wanted to do instead of putting his plans to action.Where Oedipus is without a doubt expeditious, stern and decisive in his promises, J. Alfred Prufrock is deficient by being obsessed with fetching his time, indifferent and unable to make a simple choice even for himself. However both of these characters share a haunting similarity of fearing the realization that their lives have finally come to a particular point they have been attempting to prevent their whole life. Sometimes life presents a person with a deficiency in personality which becomes highlighted in the spotlight while trying to correct that specific trait.In the Case of Oedipus and Prufrock, their own life flaws are over exaggerate d and yet quench overcorrected, in which they remain troubled with the things they hate about themselves. The two characters failed to avert a lingering curse which had been following them throughout, eventually sealing their fate with their own personal flaws. Works Cited Blithe, Hal and Sweet, Charlie. Eliots THE LOVE SONG OF J. ALFRED PRUFROCK. The Explicator 62. 2 (2004) 108-110. Literary Reference Center Plus. Web. Eliot, T. S. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. The Norton Introduction to books Shorter Tenth Edition. Eds. Allison stall and Kelly J. Mays. New York Norton, 2010. 1015-1019. Print. Morgenstern, Naomi. The Oedipus Complex Made Simple. University Of Toronto Quarterly 72. 4 (2003) 777-788. Literary Reference Center Plus. Web. Rix, Robert W. Was Oedipus Framed? Orbis Litterarium 54. 2 (1999) 134. Literary Reference Center Plus. Web. Sophocles. Oedipus the King. The Norton Introduction to Literature Shorter Tenth Edition. Eds. Allison Booth and Kelly J. Mays. New York Norton, 2010.

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Contribution of the administrative function of the HR department Essay

IntroductionBusiness institutions ar made up of people. These often termed tender resources and they atomic number 18 the most great resources in the production of goods and services. Managers and the owners of organization need to understand the nature of the bray market in the argonas where they operate, and how they work together in groups so that they can achieve maximum startput. They besides need to understand what motivates employees do that the goals of the organization can be achieved.Many tasks that are undertaken in ph hotshot line are complex and therefore need the combined readinesss of different people. The human resources pieces subscribe to been modified into four (4) principal(prenominal) sections these are Human Resources planning, Recruitment and selection, development and Development and per dramatis personaeance management.In an organization with step forward these four main departments the company cant stand as one this is the reason why the have s tated higher up. I will be looking at severally department and how deedive they are to the Human resource management.Human Resources planning this is the adding up of the internal and extraneous staffs in an organization, in other to know the number people to employ to the right department and at the right time. The Human resources usurpt just decide that they need to employ advanced staffs. There are some certain factors they consider before they can employ new staffs. These factors includes the skills and competences they will need the new employees to have, how many people with these capabilities will it be able to recruit, and alike the slipway of disciplineing and developing people to partake these skill requirements.The Human resource planning department has various ways of forecasting the demand for employees in future. The surgical process are as follows forecasting demands for members and skills of employees, analyzing current employee, and musical score for inte rnal employees and lastly taking actins e.g. recruiting, rapture etc.The human resources planning are very all-important(a) in an organization they help the trade with its tenacious term planning and objectives setting of the business.Recruitment and selection the objectives of recruitment is to attract the best candidates for a traffic and then select the most suitable. It is an extremely important process beca spend organization depends upon their human resources to survive and be successful. If the wrong person is recruited, a business can be severely damaged. In large organization the human resources will be in charge of the process. The first stage is to analyse what sort of person is required. The second stage is to decide how the vacancy is to be advertised or announced. Finally, the selection process needs to be planned and conducted in such a way as to ensure that the best candidates are successful this can be through internally and externally.The first stage of recr uitment procedure is to carryout a business line compendium. This enables the tasks and activities to be carried out by a new employee. The process is more difficult if the post is new, i.e. where no one has bed of the tasks to be per sortinged. In other for the tasks and activities to be arrangeed, a line of reasoning analysis will specify the skills required and the fictional character and responsibilities to be held. Thereafter a air verbal description is produced this contains what the job is it gives candidates details of what the job entitles. Once the job description has been completed, the next stage is to specify the skills, association and qualification necessary to perform the job. This is therefore known as a person specification. This is employ to form the selection process and is utilize to short list appliers. This specification may include level of education, length of experience, special skills knowledge or aptitude.Once the job description and person sp ecification has been drawn, the next stage in the process is to decide how a vacancy is to be filled this may be done internally i.e. from within the organizationTraining and development this is the process of systematically guiding or teaching employees to do something by subjecting them to various exercises or experiences, so that they improve job-related skills and knowledge. Lack of tanning may lead to a reduction in the possible production level, to errors and waste.Training is key part of working life. It adds to the skills abilities of the labor movement force and thus increases its supply it is withal a great motivators. This helps to give employees a sense of purpose, also helps to improve performance this also helps to facilitate secondment, transfer or promotion Training for future needs is long-term investment.Performances management this is a process of monitoring the performance and managing a particular activity passage on in a business. This is commonly done for t he employees. This helps to know how well employee is managing and performing in their different departments. This process can be done in various ways these includes appraisal scheme, reviews, self-evaluation, peer evaluation. All this helps to know how well each employee is doing. The processes stated above helps to motivates staffs therefore this signifies that if all this process of managing employees are meet there is likely to be improvement in the business.At the end of this portfolio Ill be giving information about a large business, each specializes in beverages.Shayo BrightHUMAN RESOURCES PLANNINGHuman resources dutyThe human resources management covers a variety of activities. Some responsibilities covered by the human resources function are policy-making role, welfare role supporting role, bargaining and negotiating role educational and development role and administrative role. The type of work covered byAdministrative role this is concerned with the payment of staffs wag es at Kudirat Enterprises UK (payroll) and implementation of health and safety rules, sex contrariety act . in like manner at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) this includes human resources record keeping.The administrative role is important to the business because the work performed under this role act as incentive to staffs. This role is important as payment of staffs salary encounters the quality of work a staff perform and the labour turnover. Managers use the HR record keeping during promotion to be able to know who is doing well.Welfare role this role is concerned with looking after people working at Kudirat Enterprises Ltd UK and their need. At Kudirat Enterprises staffs compliance, communication and employees relation are under the welfare role.This role is important to Kudirat Enterprises Ltd UK as it determines the extent of staff motivation. If at Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) their welfare role were poor, then staffs would non feel motivated, as their needs are not satisfied. Lack of motivation also leads to low productivity therefore affecting the business in general.Educational and development role this role is concerned with the training and development of the workforce at Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) responsibilities covered under this role is recruitment, training and development.This is important because employees are thought modern trends in the business and updated about changes during training. This helps Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) to be more modernized and updated and this enables them to compete effectively among adversarys.Supporting role this role is concerned with helping other functional managers to develop their work. In Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) the HR department does some work of the finance department. E.g. payroll. Also at Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) other functional areas such as production and marketing are support by the HR department in the training and recruitment of staffs.This is important as cooperation among different functional department bring about the growth of the business. It also enables them perform their jobs effectively.Contri neverthelession of the administrative function of the HR department of Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) to the activities of the business.The main contri saveion of the administrative role to the department of Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) is to maintain an effective workforce. This is done by paying salaries to workforce and giving them tolerable and right benefit.This holds staffs feel more valued. Therefore they are motivated and their productivity increases. This therefore helps them perform the activities if the business amore effectively. Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) main activity is production done by producing shoes.Also if the department of Kudirat Enterprises can maintain an effective workforce it means the labour turnover will be lower and the organization will be filled with competent people who have a fair knowledge of the business.In addition the admini strative function of the human resource department at Kudirat Enterprises helps to ensure that the organisation is a safe place to work in, thereby eliminating direct or indirect discrimination and victimization. upcountry staffing informationThese are internal factors with the business that enables them to carry out an effective human resource planning. Factor considered at Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK).Labour turnover this is used in Kudirat Enterprises to determine the type of people leaving i.e. experienced or inexperienced people and section of the organisation with a high turnover. Also determine if there is need for a check in the reason for a high turnover.Labour turnover could be calculated in 2 waysLabour stability rate (this is not the most accurate way of measuring turnover as it does not really give the exact).Wastage rate this is used at Kudirat Enterprises. It is calculatedWastage rate = Number of staff leaving in time period X 100Number of staff leaving in time period Due to the fact that the HR department of Kudirat Enterprises (UK) ltd is young the labour turnover just started last year ( besides will continue to be done yearly). The labour turnover was recorded as 14%. This means that out of 240 employees 34 left i.e. 1 in 7 employees left the organisation.This is a very high turnover, which means productivity will be reduced. Also after the labour turnover was done at Kudirat Enterprises result showed that 19 out of the 34 employees who left were from production department. An exist interview was conducted in attempt to reduce this high turnover. Through this they found out that people felt the job was strenuous and boring. On the order hand, compared to the industry turnover of 20%, the turnover for Kudirat Enterprises was quite low.Age, skills and training this information received last year as take care the age of employees working at Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) .Age as to do with the length of services. The above information shows a mos t of employees at Kudirat Enterprises are aged amid 25-50. This is good as it reduces the number of employees leaving as a result of retirement and old age unhealthiness. It also shows that most employees are female staffs thereby increasing the leave vacation e.g. maternity leave and sickness leave (this is because women are prone to sickness than men).this efficacy have a negative effect on Kudirat Enterprises Ltd.The skills and training is important to Kudirat Enterprises as it helps determine skills they need in future and identify the skills the work force posses a minimum of G.C.S.E. certificate and behavioural skills.Other internal staffing information are not used at Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) because department is still young. This internal staffing information not used by Kudirat Enterprises Ltd (UK) is succession, sickness and accident rates. As the department is young statistics such as these as not taken in this regard formally but will in brief be done.External L abour Market InformationThese are external factors that affect human resources planning. This factor includesGovernment policies, Employment trends, Skills shortages, Competition from employers, Availability of labour. non all external factors listed above affects Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd. factors that affect human resource planning at Kudirat Enterprises includes the following(a)Competition from employeesKudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd is chaseed in knowing whether it competitor such as E Map, IPC, Natmags are contracting or expanding. This is because if they are expanding labour wages will be increased and supply will be less. This usually have a negative impact on Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd. On the hand if they are contracting will have a positive effect on Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd as supply of labour increase and it is easier to recruit right sort of staffs.Availability of labourThis will depends on such factors as age scattering of the population, attitude of working women and the extent to which young people stay at school. In the publishing industry there is incessantly labour available, as it one of the best industries.Employment trends and Government policiesAs at April 16 2004, employment continues at record level.28.330 million people in work, in December to February consort to the labour force survey -up to 183 thousand in the last 3 month and 318 thousand over the last year -a rate 74.9%. This is up 0.4% on the last quarter. This is gotten from the labour market statistic website.Human resource planning at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd is relevant to the labour market information as a fair knowledge of it helps in the planning of the human resources Labour market information relates to the HR planning because if these factors are not considered before planning then the plan is extraneous as it is not updated. This helps Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd in the following ways to plan their Human resourcesThis therefore has to do with the am ount of money to be collected to the areas of human resources. This may be indicated through government policies. Secondly the number of workers to be employees. This indicated through competition from employees and availability of labour. Finally, the types and money to be allocated to training.An evaluation of the use of external labour information to plan human resourcesKudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd is affected by skills shortage because in this industry there are high level of skilled employee shortages a smokestack of unskilled and semi-skilled labour in the market as the skilled labour has employed. This has affected Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd human resource planning as recruitment is planned in the main to be done internally. Also employment trends have little impact on Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd. This is because recruitment is done internally. Government polices such as incentives given to organizations that employees train people affect Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd HR planning in the sense that it determines the amount of money that want to allocate to recruitment and trainingThe most essential external factor that affects Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd is competition from employers. As Kudirat Company is a small business and therefore more likely to be impacted by action than large changes in labour market. Popular sector never find difficult to find staff, but getting the BEST people requires engagement with competition. E.g. a competitor recently announced the closure of teen shoe, so they are now actively pursuing their people to join their teen shoe production titles.From the above it is clear that Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd is using their external labour market information effectively to plan their Human resources.Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd is not affected by availability of labour. This is because there is always adequate labour in the market. There is just caput of is the labour well skilled or not.RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONThis is the process whereby an organization selects the usurp applicant or staffs fill the vacancies in the organization. polar organization use different recruitment documents e.g. application letters, application forms, curricula vitae, bio data, resumes etc.External DocumentAt Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd the following recruitment documents are usedCurricula VitaeThis is a brief summary of your career to date and a little about yourself. This is used for initial application. Features of CV* Name* Date of birth* mastermind* Telephone* Education and training* Qualification* Achievements* Interest and hobbies* Work experiences* ReferenceSome organization requires photographs at this stage, but at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd they are concerned about the equal opportunity implication and discourage this practice. The CV presents Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd adequate information about application but Kudirat Enterprises does not rely on the CV only because applicants omit negative statement about themselves thereby not presenting their true self, at times the applicant themselves might not prepare the CV, and also most times applicants are almost identical in terms of qualifications.Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd uses this recruitment document because as it present adequate information at this stage of selection and enables them determines if the applicant is fitting of performing the work through the work experience and qualification.The purpose of the CV is to determine how capable the applicant is of performing this job and it contains adequate information in this regard.Application letters and biographical dataDue to the fact that Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd is a manufacturing house they use letters of applications and bio data. This is used to check how interesting the applications are. This is necessary to Kudirat Enterprises because the need staffs with good fashion and designing skills.Application letters have no basis features but it must contain youri. Nameii . Addressiii. Contribution you can make towards the organization.iv. Skills and knowledge you have acquired.Bio data consist of systematic information about hobbies, interest and life history. It helps HF to reduce staff turnover as candidates are matched with existing staff with similar interest can be found.This recruitment document doesnt provide enough information enough information as nothing is known about the applicants disability or turn distinguishes them from others. It purposes is to find out how interesting the application is it contains adequate information for this purpose.Application formsThese are the best recruitment document as it contains every detail of the applicants but Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd does not use it. This is because the HR of Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd is just a little over 2 year old. An application form would develop later in future.Internal recruitment documentsThe internal recruitment documents at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd are not forma lly developed yet. They are currently developing recruitment standards and the important thing for us is to develop a range of templates and guide lines that will enable managers to manage their own recruitment legally and effectively.Managers must complete an authority to recruit form to get permission to start the recruitment process.This is the only formal paperwork they have at present.Factors to consider in planning filling a vacancy and carrying out interviewsOrganisation recruit because many reasons. At Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd recruitment is done if there is a dismissal, resignation or retirement and changing job roles within the business.Different factors are considered when planning to a fill vacancy by different organisation. Some of the factors considered at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd are whether there will be need for a role (spread work between others, special project)?Can it be filled internally (internally means the employees at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd), c ould it be filled via referrals/word of speak (this is when employees at Kudirat Enterprises recommends people for the job). Can it also be filled via free to use channels advertising (this is mostly used when looking for managers)?Also at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd following procedures are carried outAdvertisementWhen it is discovered that the vacancy cant be filled internally Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd advertise for the job. Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd advertisement is carried out in Media Guardian, complot Gazette mainly and also some website for specific jobs.Advertisement done by Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd contains the following information such as job titles, duties and responsibilities, salary expectation, Address and contact, qualification and experience needed, closing date of qualification.Short listingAfter the advertisement has been places different application letters and CVs are dropped at the head sureness of Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd. After all these has been received i.e. a week after the closing date, the short listing process is carried out at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd. Short listing is the process of ejecting application letters and CVs that does not meet the set or required standard. Factors considered at Kudirat Enterprises during short would include Qualification people with higher qualification are selected, as qualification is an ingredient in person specifications. Also this helps prepare you for the job. Experience and competencies it has a greater advantage as people with higher experience perform their work in the most effective way. Applicants with higher experience have an advantage as they are selected.Competence is the ability of someone to perform a particular job. At Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd competence is measured or checked through what is stated in the application and contribution the applicant can make towards the organization.Hobbies and interest this is also considered by Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd because it is a production factory. This is mostly considered by them to give them a competitive edge in there designing of shoe. This also considered when recruiting people in the marketing department and journalist.After this process kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd send letter to the list of successful candidates whose name has been short-listed. At Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd for every one job ten people are chose at this stage. The letter inviting them for an interview contains information such as Venue of the interview, time and date of the interview and letter also indicates that they were successful.InterviewsAfter the letters have been sent, then the interview process is next. The interview done at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd is an informal interview (i.e. an oral interview). This is because they believe words of mouth applicants are likely to stay longer. The interview is conducted by a penal of 5 people including a member of the board of governor, HR director and a represen tative of the department, which has the vacancy. The other 2 people are chosen randomly. The panels assess the following body language, eye contact, ability to give the right answer to the question asked and fluency in English.This form of interview is not the most suitable as it discriminatory as the panel already knows who they want the minute the applicant walks in. It tales them 2 days at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd to comply their interview result and decide the applicant they want. The panel does not only takes the decision but also everyone in the HR department and the department in which the vacancy is to be filled. This enables them to select the most competent and outstanding applicant.Recruitment process at Kudirat Enterprises (UK) LtdAt Kudirat Enterprises (UK) Ltd job vacancies are filled internally. This is done through promotion and spread work. Recruitment is done internally because it helps in innovating employee,

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Digital Fortress Chapter 47

A meg-dollar code? Midge snickered, accompanying Brinkerhoff back up the hallway. Thats a keen one.I swear it, he utter.She eyed him askance. This better not be some ploy to get me out of this dress.Midge, I would never- he said self-righteously.I hump, Chad. Dont remind me.Thirty seconds later, Midge was sitting in Brinkerhoffs chair and studying the Crypto report.See? he said, leaning over her and pointing to the figure in question. This MCD? A billion dollarsMidge chuckled. It does get along to be a touch on the high human face, doesnt it?Yeah. He groaned. Just a touch.Looks wish well a divide-by-zero.A who?A divide-by-zero, she said, scanning the rest of the data. The MCDs reason as a fraction-total expense divided by number of decryptions.Of course. Brinkerhoff nodded blankly and tried not to peer ingest the front of her dress.When the denominators zero, Midge explained, the quotient goes to infinity. Computers hate infinity, so they character reference all nines. She pointed to a different column. See this?Yeah. Brinkerhoff refoc utilizationd on the paper.Its todays raw production data. Take a look at the number of decryptions.Brinkerhoff dutifully followed her finger down the column.NUMBER OF DECRYPTIONS = 0Midge tapped on the figure. Its just as I suspected. Divide-by-zero.Brinkerhoff arched his eyebrows. So everythings okay?She shrugged. Just means we havent broken any codes today. TRANSLTR must be taking a break.A break? Brinkerhoff looked doubtful. Hed been with the director long enough to know that breaks were not part of his preferred modus operandi-particularly with respect to TRANSLTR. Fontaine had paid $2 billion for the code-breaking behemoth, and he wanted his moneys worth. Every second TRANSLTR sat idle was money down the toilet.Ah Midge? Brinkerhoff said. TRANSLTR doesnt take any breaks. It runs day and night. You know that.She shrugged. perchance Strathmore didnt feel like hanging out last night to prepare the weekend run. He pro bably knew Fontaine was away and ducked out early to go fishing.Come on, Midge. Brinkerhoff gave her disgusted look. construct the guy a break.It was no secret Midge Milken didnt like Trevor Strathmore. Strathmore had attempted a cunning maneuver rewriting Skipjack, alone hed been caught. Despite Strathmores bold intentions, the NSA had paid dearly. The recognise had gained strength, Fontaine had lost credibility with Congress, and worst of all, the agency had lost a lot of its anonymity. There were suddenly housewives in Minnesota complaining to America Online and Prodigy that the NSA index be reading their E-mail-like the NSA gave a damn approximately a secret recipe for candied yams.Strathmores blunder had cost the NSA, and Midge felt responsible-not that she could have anticipated the commanders stunt, but the bottom line was that an unauthorized action had taken place behind Director Fontaines back, a back Midge was paid to cover. Fontaines hands-off attitude made him non resistant and it made Midge nervous. But the director had learned long ago to stand back and let smart people do their jobs thats exactly how he handled Trevor Strathmore.Midge, you know damn well Strathmores not slacking, Brinkerhoff argued. He runs TRANSLTR like a fiend.Midge nodded. Deep down, she knew that accusing Strathmore of shirking was absurd. The commander was as dedicated as they came-dedicated to a fault. He bore the evils of the world as his own personal cross. The NSAs Skipjack plan had been Strathmores brainchild-a bold attempt to change the world. Unfortunately, like so many divine quests, this entreat ended in crucifixion.Okay, she admitted, so Im being a flyspeck harsh.A little? Brinkerhoff eyes narrowed. Strathmores got a backlog of files a mile long. Hes not about to let TRANSLTR sit idle for a whole weekend.Okay, okay. Midge sighed. My mistake. She furrowed her brow and puzzled why TRANSLTR hadnt broken any codes all day. Let me double-check something, she sa id, and began flipping through and through the report. She located what she was looking for and scanned the figures. After a moment she nodded. Youre right, Chad. TRANSLTRs been running full force. Raw consumables are even a little on the high side were at over half a million kilowatt-hours since midnight last night.So where does that leave us?Midge was puzzled. Im not sure. Its odd.You want to rerun the data?She gave him a evaluate stare. There were two things one never questioned about Midge Milken. One of them was her data. Brinkerhoff waited while Midge studied the figures.Huh. She finally grunted. yesterdays stats look fine 237 codes broken. MCD, $874. Average time per code, a little over six minutes. Raw consumables, average. Last code entering TRANSLTR- She stopped.What is it?Thats funny, she said. Last file on yesterdays queue log ran at 1137 p.m.So?So, TRANSLTR breaks codes every six minutes or so. The last file of the day usually runs closer to midnight. It sure doesnt lo ok like- Midge suddenly stopped short and gasped.Brinkerhoff jumped. WhatMidge was staring(a) at the readout in disbelief. This file? The one that entered TRANSLTR last night?Yeah?It hasnt broken yet. Its queue time was 233708-but it lists no decrypt time. Midge fumbled with the sheets. Yesterday or todayBrinkerhoff shrugged. Maybe those guys are running a tough diagnostic.Midge shook her head. Eighteen hours tough? She paused. Not likely. Besides, the queue data says its an outside file. We should shout Strathmore.At home? Brinkerhoff swallowed. On a Saturday night?No, Midge said. If I know Strathmore, hes on top of this. Ill bet good money hes here. Just a hunch. Midges hunches were the former(a) thing one never questioned. Come on, she said, standing up. Lets see if Im right.Brinkerhoff followed Midge to her office, where she sat down and began to work Big Brothers keypads like a virtuoso pipe organist.Brinkerhoff gazed up at the array of closed-caption video monitors on her wa ll, their screens all freeze frames of the NSA seal. Youre gonna snoop Crypto? he asked nervously.Nope, Midge replied. Wish I could, but Cryptos a sealed deal. Its got no video. No sound. No nothing. Strathmores orders. All Ive got is approach stats and basic TRANSLTR stuff. Were lucky weve even got that. Strathmore wanted total isolation, but Fontaine insisted on the basics.Brinkerhoff looked puzzled. Crypto hasnt got video?Why? she asked, without turning from her monitor. You and Carmen looking for a little more privacy?Brinkerhoff grumbled something inaudible.Midge typed some more keys. Im pulling Strathmores elevator log. She studied her monitor a moment and then rapped her knuckle on the desk. Hes here, she said matter-of-factly. Hes in Crypto right now. Look at this. Talk about long hours-he went in yesterday morning bright and early, and his elevator hasnt budged since. Im showing no magno-card use for him on the main door. So hes definitely in there.Brinkerhoff breathed a sl ight sigh of relief. So, if Strathmores in there, everythings okay, right?Midge thought a moment. Maybe, she finally decided.Maybe?We should call him and double-check.Brinkerhoff groaned. Midge, hes the deputy director. Im sure he has everything under control. Lets not second-guess-Oh, come on, Chad-dont be such a child. Were just doing our job. Weve got a snag in the stats, and were avocation up. Besides, she added, Id like to remind Strathmore that Big Brothers watching. Make him opine twice before planning any more of his hare-brained stunts to save the world. Midge picked up the phone and began dialing.Brinkerhoff looked uneasy. You really think you should bother him?Im not bothering him, Midge said, tossing him the receiver. You are.

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Gender Struggle in a Thousand Splendid Suns Essay

Women like us. We conk out. Its all we have. Mariam, the child of a wealthy globe and his house maid, lived by this quote all her life. The quote also applies to Laila, a woman who was raised in a modern household with education. An analysis of the hardships of women in Khaled Hosseinims, A Thousand refined Suns, would reveal that the injustices of society are coped with otherwise throughout several generations of women. Although Lailas upbringing allowed her to be the stronger of the two women, both Mariam and Laila triumphed after enduring so much evil and cruelty. Their generates on the other pass away did non.Mariams mother, Nana, was at one point the house maid of a wealthy man named Jalil. She later on mothered his child, Mariam. Both Mariam and her mother had become outcastes and were displace to an isolated area as a consequence for the intolerable act. Mariams mother resents Jalil for it, and she also ofttimes complains about it to her daughter, ultimately trying to discourage Mariam from not trusting him. Ironically, Mariams mother did not openly express her resentment towards Jalil while he was around, nor did she ever attempt to change the situation. In using the intragroup strength that a woman contains Nana could have strived to make a better life for both she, and her child. Lailas mother, Fariba, had a expectingly happy household, yet she often found herself immersed in overwhelming grief.When her sons Ahmad and Noor leave to fight in the jihad, and are later on killed in action Lailas mother stays in bed mourning their loss. When the opportunity presents itself for the family to leave she wishes to stay in Afghanistan in order to see the freedom of the land that her sons died for. Fariba may have a more optimistic sentiment in this sense. A look at the greater picture would reveal that she too lacks the effort to change the situation she is in, in relation to Mariams mother. Fariba stayed in bed living in the past, letting everythi ng take its course in hopes of justice, instead of solidifying her future by making a difference.Mariam and Laila are years apart by age, and come from two entirely different life styles, what brings these women together is one man, Rasheed. They are forced to marry this man through loss and heartache. Their marriages to Rasheed consist of emotional and physical abuse that is legally acceptable under fundamentalist Islamic governments such as the Mujahedeen and the Taliban. In addition to domestic violence, Laila and Mariam have to deal with senseless war, in which many of their closest loved ones lost their lives. Mariam and Laila endure because with their mentality it is simply the only woof they have. Neither of them would have been willing to just found up so they persevered and tried to make the best of the situations they faced. They both tried to have an optimistic view in a life that seemed to have little joy.Lailas mother was never able to let go of the past and allow her self to move on from her sons deaths. She was unable or unwilling to see her daughter and her husband as a way to make a happier future. Mariams mother became a bitter woman perhaps many would say she had no choice, but we all have a choice in how we react and behave. She had clear-cut to take her own life when Mariam because she felt she had nothing left to live for.These choices were something that Mariam and Laila would have never made, not because they were better than their mothers, but simply because they chose to never give up and never lose hope. In conclusion, Laila and Mariam overcame several accounts of injustice, evil, and extreme cruelty, unlike their mothers whom fell short upon effort. Despite their seemingly opposite upbringings both women far surpassed the efforts of their mothers. To endure is to continue or to last despite hardships, pain, and loss. Laila and Mariam clearly have endured through a series of injustices. It was their only choice.BibliographyHossein i, Khaled. A Thousand Splendid Suns. New York Riverhead, 2007. A Thousand Splendid Suns The history of Afghanistan is marked by death and loss and unimaginable grief. Ultimately, this is more than a story of survival in the face of what seem to be insurmountable odds. It is a story of the unconquerable spirit of a people and individuals seen through the eyes of two indomitable women. A Thousand Splendid Suns is told eloquently through the eyes of Laila and Mariam.

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Should Student Loan Debt Be Forgiven?

Most Americans would agree that higher(prenominal) education is important. Comp atomic number 18d to historic period ago, when a high school education was refreshing in most jobs, a college degree is now required in the majority of positions. But what if you cant afford to purport a degree? What then?For many, student loans are the only way to finance ones education. Paying out of pocket simply isnt a reality for most, so they rely on state and national government to add them the funds to attend school, buy textbooks, and even pay for means and board. Sign on the dotted line, and suddenly a subsidized or unsubsidized loan shows up as a credit on your student account.Any overage is paid to you by check to cover incidentals. This branch gets repeated every semester, for as long as you attend school. It all seems very easy and acceptable until you graduate (or dont graduate, whichever the case may be).The day you leave school, a six-month clock starts check toward your first r etribution. Oh wait, you mean school costs money? Sadly, close to arent able to secure a position right away that can allow them the economic capability to start making payment on their loans. It can proceeds up to two years for some college graduates to see a job.In the meantime, those loans are still due and payable. There are all sorts of possibilities for repayment income-sensitive images, unemployment deferments, graduated payments, and even forgiveness programs for sealed occupations like nurses, teachers, and public servants.But what about the rest of the debt holders? What happens to them if they cant make their payments? Student loan debt instantly approaches $1 trillion dollars, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Even more frightening, the Wall Street diary reports about 40% of student loan holders are in default or defend decele set up their payments.Student loan debt has now actually surpassed total credit card debt in the US. There are numer ous calls to action for possible solutions to this problem. The main issue I defy with them is they dont actually take into effect HOW we got into this position, or how to avoid it from happening again in the futurity. As part of his re-election bid, President Obama introduced his solution, referred to as the 10-10 plan. This plan allows graduates to only pay 10% of their total income as loan payments, and forgive whatever is unexpended after 10 years.This plan requires a borrower to have a financial hardship, and the payment amount, based on 10% of income, is readjusted yearly. In many cases, this forgiveness pass on amount to somewhere around 80% of the superior loan amount. That seems an awfully steep penalty for the US to pay, simply because they think they can.These borrowers are now, hopefully, out in the work world making a reasonable income so they are actually likely to be able to make payments. Forgiveness at that point is not really necessary. In an income-sensitive repayment plan, the rate of the payment goes up, based on the income of a borrower increasing as well.Rather than forgiving the remainder owed, cutting wager rates or lowering the payment amount seem like better solutions in that they provide assistance to struggling borrowers, but ultimately the debt is repaid.There are others calling for an all-out bailout, similar to the AIG or GE bailout, designed to boost the economy. The hope is those with forgiven loans depart put that money back into the economy, at least in the short term. But whos to say thats where theyll put their money? What happens to the next round of graduates? Theyll be graduating with a forgone conclusion that their loans will be forgiven as well.And why not? Thats what a plan like this would lead them to call up. Mitchell Weiss, adjunct professor at the University of Hartfords Barney School of traffic in Connecticut, believes any charitable of credit is ultimately issued on a sort of arrogance. If I loan you some money, I trust that youre going to pay it back to me, he says. Wholesale forgiveness, amnesty whatever you want to call it will fundamentally undermine a process that is thoroughly integrated within our society. Moreover, it doesnt really solve the problem, says professor Weiss.A Facebook page started by an angry law school graduate without means to repay his loans has sparked a entreaty to support a one-time, across the board loan forgiveness. Started by Robert Applebaum, the group calls for an economic boost by forgiving all outstanding government loans.In the petition, Applebaum says, Forgiving the student loan debt of all Americans will have an immediate stimulative effect on our economy. With the stroke of the presidents pen, millions of Americans would suddenly have hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of extra dollars in their pockets each and every month to spend on ailing sectors of the economy.Basically, the already strained government would be taking the hit f or billions of dollars, based on the hope that this money would find its way back to our local and national economy. The main problem I see is you cannot guarantee this is what will happen. It sets the whole Federal Loan system up for collapse. HR1330 is another bill recently introduced, which could provide some much-needed relief for borrowers. Instead of a bailout, this kind of plan would allow interest-free deferments to borrowers who become unemployed or who are enrolled in the current 10-10 plan.Important to note is that it does limit the forgiveness afforded to new borrowers. But here again, its a very short term solution to a very long term issue. People on both sides, and somewhere in the middle, generally have strong opinions about the long-term benefits or non-benefits of a plan like this. CNBC reports the problem with a plan like this is three-fold The losses must be borne by someone, likely the taxpayer. Basically, the money to bail out college graduates from repaying th eir loans has to come from somewhere. It can also be called a chaste hazard, in that it rewards or implicitly encourages imprudent behavior.Also, a one-time bailout of the current loan-holders could strongly encourage future graduates to rely on the possibility of another bailout in the future. As a returning college student with a mountain of student loan debt of my own, I see the problem from the borrowers perspective. As a Business Management student, though, I also see it through Economic Eyes. At the risk of looking old and maternal, I think forgiveness only allows the problem to keep repeating for my generation, my childrens generation, and those to come.In the kindred mentality that I would never buy my child a car outright, for fear theyd have no ownership in it or respect for it, I simply dont believe that bailing out borrowers is a good solution either.I fear we teach our children that so long as there are mountains of others in the same predicament, there is governmen t relief available. The price is ultimately paid in the form of even more national debt. Yes, an economic boost might be favorable in the short term, but the long term effects of that boost will be felt for years afterwards.

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Effects of Suspense in Psycho Essay

The building of emotion, whether it is romantic love or thick hatred, can make a low-budget accept into a blockbuster hit. Directors are constantly nerve-wracking to build this deep notioning and emotion to make blockbuster hits. Alfred Hitchcock made hit adopts but instead, he built hesitancy so much that it scared women from showering alone for years. Hitchcocks appropriate label as the Master of Suspense came supremely out of his number one thriller, Psycho. His genius cinematic view do modern-day thrillers and horrors, and many of his proficiencys are still used today in such films.Hitchcocks have use of eerie sounds, high camera angles, creepy settings, and misleading tricks make Psycho one of the topper (if not, the best) thriller ever made. Hitchcock constantly tricks and misleads his auditory sense one direction, which builds tension and builds shock. From the very beginning of Psycho, Hitchcock guides his sense of hearing into thinking this film is a different ge nre than expected from the title. He opens the film with Marion and Sam in a chamber together, which leads the reference into believing that this is a love or romance film.Then, when Marion steals the money, the audience is led to believe it is a crime drama. This stays true while she is on the run, until she comes across the Bates Motel. This is when the genre shifts again now into a horror thriller. Through this progression in the film, Hitchcock uses subtle humor to misguide his audience as well. This technique guides the audience in the wrong direction, while successfully building suspense as the film progresses. Hitchcocks misleading techniques create wonder and tension in the audience. This, along with false suspense all toldows for the big shocks to cause dismantle more terrifying when they do occur.Marions getaway trip includes many tense moments that create false suspense, which brings the audience to the meet of their seat before she even meets Norman. When she wake s up in her car to a cop behind her, there is an automatic rush of suspense. The audience believes she will get caught with the money at this point. Marions relish of nervousness along with the cops calm expression builds an ordeal of suspense. much tension is built when she drives away and constantly looks in her rear-view mirror at the cop car pursual her. Hitchcock cuts between the eyelevel medium shot of the car in the mirror and an anxious Marion driving away.Quickly deciding to trade in her car for a new one adds tension to the film as well. She is hotfoot and panicked while at the dealership, which keeps the audience on their feet. Hitchcock uses this false suspense close to the beginning of the film to keep his audience tense and anxious before Marion even comes across the Bates Motel. The two major shocks in this film come after Marion checks in at the motel, all of which are built up with suspense through Hitchcocks genius use of mise-en-scene, camera angles, and sound . The famous shower scene is built up with so much suspense from perfect camera angles.When Marion is undressing, the eyelevel medium close up shot makes the audience feel uncomfortable because it is as if we are intruding in her private space almost ilk when Norman watches her through the hole in the wall. The cut to the low angle close up from Marions point of view of the running water seems so subtle, yet it builds so much tension. This cut makes it look like the water is coming down on the audience, which distracts them from other noises and the rest of the bathroom. This builds much suspense because the audience is oblivious to what is spill on around Marion.The camera and audience are stuck in the shower with Marion as the door opens behind her and the shadowy figure creeps in. This builds tension and horror in the audience because we feel trapped and vulnerable with her. When the figure rips off the curtains, the sharp shrieking violin strings create solicitude and build even more suspense for the rest of the film. The death of Arbogast uses some of the same suspense techniques as Hitchcock uses for the shower scene. Both Marion and Arbogast are viewed in high angles to make them seem inferior and vulnerable.As Arbogast climbs the stairs, the tracking shot is always a bit above him to exaggerate his small stature. The close-ups and high angles along with the sinister-looking kinsperson and Arbogasts footsteps create a vast amount of suspense as he climbs the stairs. He even looks scared right before it cuts to the birds-eye view just prior to his death. The look on his face brings the audience to the edge of their seat, wondering what will happen to him. Again, the violin shrieks play as Arbogast gets stabbed to death, which majorly adds to the horrifying sight.Hitchcocks unlikely combination of sight and sound in Psycho create suspense that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat the whole way through. Psycho is a perfect example of why Alf red Hitchcock is the Master of Suspense. He used these specific camera angles, sounds, music, and mise-en-scene to give everything a suspenseful look and feel. He placed them all perfectly to keep his audience alert and tense the whole way through. Alfred Hitchcock shaped the thriller genre, while going down as one of the best directors in film history.

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Brief Gonzales V. Raich

The case entitled ALBERTO R. GONZALES, ATTORNEYT GENERAL, et al. , PETITIONERS v. ANGEL McCLARY RAICH et al had the case no 03 1454. This was a case filed in the unite States of America Supreme Court. The case was formerly known as the Ashcroft v. Raich. Substantive Facts The respondents, before the case was filed were growing and consuming cannabis. This is in accordance with the fact that they practice the ganja for aesculapian purpose.The growing and consumption activities were authorized by the state of calcium the Controlled Substances Act of the federal political sympathies had confiscated the medicines and drugs that were derived from the cannabis plants. Because of the confiscation of the drugs that were from marijuana, the respondents had posted a adduce that the infliction of the CSA against them is a violation in the affair Clause. The inflictions overly had violated the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment including the 9th and 10th amendments.Medical nece ssity is also claimed to be violated with the inflictions of the Controlled Substance Act (AudioCaseFiles, 2007). It was noted that calcium is a state wherein the use of marijuana for medical purpose is allowed. Without the drugs derived from marijuana, there would be so much pain experienced by the patients and death could run from those pains. Procedural History Angel Raich together with her companions in the field of medicine had sued the organisation because of the disruption through by the federal governing to their endeavor of using marijuana for medical purposes.Their claim is that the federal government had violated the constitution since it is constitutionally right to use marijuana for it (marijuana) was permitted to be used at bottom the premise of the California State. Moreover, the claim included that the marijuana used by the Californias Medical co-ops argon not in the name of commerce, nor did they bought the drugs from early(a) states. Thus, the resources used for growing the marijuana plants were only obtained within the exposit of the State of California.Another claim from the Angel Raich was that she had used marijuana to prevent herself from dying because her doctor had claimed that she has allergies to the medicines she was prescribed. The federal government on the other hand claims that it was write in the Controlled Substances Act that it does not permit the legal use of marijuana in terms of medical purposes. Moreover, when the California State leave alone not cease in using marijuana, it would be unfair for the other states not to also use marijuana for medical purpose.Their claim is not to permit exemption in using marijuana as stated in the US Federal lawfulness. Broad and Narrow Holdings There is a general rule in the Constitution of the United States of America that the constitution is not allowing or permitting police powers to be carried by the federal government. But it was also stated in a clause in the US Constitutio n that it the federal government will have this limited power in terms of commerce regulation in other countries and within the several states of the field. The clause that had given a limited power to the federal government is the Commerce Clause.As written in the history of the Commerce Clause, the federal government did only a very little interference with the activities done in the states of the country. The case of Angel Raich is quite simple not like the several cases filed in the Cumpreme Court of the United States. It was very clear that there was no commerce that had undergone in the course of the marijuana usage by the California Medical Co-op. All the activities done by the Raich and company had been within the California State and it was clear that the drugs were purely used for treating illness and diseases, specifically used also by Raich (Guither, 2007).Doctrinal and constitution Reasoning The case of Wickward v. Filburn which is related to the husk production was used t ocomp are the Raichs case. In the husk production case which was also commerce related case, the farmers are regulate the production of wheat in order to have a control in the volume of wheat that is transported within the states of the country. Filburn had a parade did not violate the law because he only sold a portion of his wheat and other wheat produced was used for home consumption and other purposes. Filburn had lost the case considering the unsold portion of the wheat (Guither, 2007).Miscellaneous Justice Sandra Day OConnor who presented a dissent of the GONZALES V. RAICH case started her statement by citing come of the relevant issuings that are related to the case. She had stated the action done by the Commerce Clause authority was related to the Federalism issue among the states. Federalism is the one which encourage innovation if the state of California had agreed to be the laboratory of the entire country and will have the role of doing and performing experimen ts and studies which would not affect the country.It is a federal crime accord to Justice OConnor to grow marijuana in your backyard and use it for medical purposes but if the state of California was considered to be a laboratory, then the use of marijuana (for medical purposes) is not a question (Cornell University Law School, 2007). Justice Clarence Thomas had also written a separate dissent of the case. He mentioned that the cultivation as well as consumption of marijuana done by the respondents is not included running in the commerce industry since there was no production for marketing done nor the respondents had bought materials for the cultivation.Thus, there was no toilsome evidence that the respondents had violated the Commerce Clause or even any law that was listed in the Constitution. The federal government in return should not have prohibited such activities (Cornell University Law School, 2007). Literature Cited AudioCaseFiles. (2007). Gonzales v. Raich. Retrieved fam ily 12, 2007 from http//www. audiocasefiles. com/cases/detail/case/8834/ Cornell University Law School (2007). Supreme Court Colloection GONZALES V. RAICH (03-1454) 545 U. S. 1 (2005) 352 F. 3d 1222, vacated and remanded. Retrieved September 12, 2007 from http// cornell. edu/supct/ hypertext mark-up language/03-1454. ZD1. hypertext markup language Cornell University Law School (2007). Supreme Court Colloection GONZALES V. RAICH (03-1454) 545 U. S. 1 (2005) 352 F. 3d 1222, vacated and remanded. Retrieved September 12, 2007 from http//www. law. cornell. edu/supct/html/03-1454. ZD. html Curtis, Parker, Douglas, Finkleman (2007). Constitutional Law in Context. Volume 1. Second Edition. Guither, Pete. (2007). Raich v. Ashcroft A Guide to the Supreme Court Case. medicate Warrant. com. Retrieved September 12, 2007 from http//blogs. salon. com/0002762/stories/2004/11/23/raichVAshcroftAGuideToTheS. html

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Is the current welfare system a problem Essay

Poverty and contrast has always been the problem that confronts the umpteen leaders of different nations. It was a long weary issue nonetheless unfaltering. The many times we can behold it, the many times volition I yell the grievances of the curt and the deprived. Hierarchy of classes occurs since time immemorial. The Biblical times even have account for that, but the most prankish is the continuous perpetuation of the situation, the despicable and unfathomable exploitation of the poor by the elites and the growing wealth disparity.How many times did proposals were made and yet proposals remain as it is, it never attempt to address the basic poor of the poor. People grew weary and tired in of hoping that all their ails were to be address accordingly, but it was always a fancy illusion. When somebody toils for subsistence, the state always exploits him, his vulnerable soul. Heavy taxes and the cost of living were surging. How can he find fulfillment in a society, which he live s thereby/ its all useless. until now arbitrator was at all naught. It favors those who live in luxury and never was fashioned to the marginal population.In each corners of the world, anvil is laid for the rich, and never for the poor. Sometimes, you can non whang for their wrongdoings, for their transgression on the lives of others. The society pushes them to do so, and apparently, their body reacts. Even the figures published by the government were all falsely done. In a broader perspective poverty does not alleviate, it even upsurge. We need not to dig deeper on the and establish a methodology to measure a single family their capability or incapability to sustain their family to come up to a conclusive suit that they are really belongs to the poverty line.It is more then enough to see their hungered predisposition. But famish must be understood not on its context only. Everybody feels famish at times, anyway. Famish co-exist with duration. The higher rank of being coiled t o starvation is not a natural process of life. It is a disease inflicted by the societys unsophisticated individuals. Thus, it is problems that need to be resolve before its too novel to mend it. Enough for the hullabaloos of many politicians who intermittently exhibit their philanthropist being, because as quoted and which I have absorb the lot those that are lavish in words are niggard in deeds, it is undoubtedly true.We cannot deny the fact that we are inclined to let things bend over us, to remunerate our particular whims or our desire to shower ourselves with gold. But let this not blind us. In the farther end, we will become the victim of our addiction. For if we let the hurricane whirls on our surrounding and we keep still, we will sink in the center and drown out to death. The creatorless and aimless vast number and keeps on expanding poverty-stricken families will one day, gain their leverage to unite in numbers and fight the oppressors of the world, to oust them in po wer and to establish a society devoid of injustices and inequality.The rise of modernism aggravated the plight of the poor you cannot blame them to raise a couple of counter reactions against the elites their rights and privileges were deprived and naturally, they were determined to assert it. Why should we wait for spirits vendetta to come when we can make tiny reparations and adjustments to give what is due for our brothers and sisters. This about it, tomorrow will never become brighter, while the remnants of injustices are alive. Yet, we are looking forward to a brighter future. lets then mark an end to widening poverty line in our own tiny ways.

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Binary Relation and Woman

The movement for the e valet de chambrecipation of adult female has gained ground all the over. In some western countries wo gentleman have more rights than in India. But still each where even In the close modernistic countries of the world, they suffer from a number of disabilities and are regarded a social inferiors of man. It is a man-made society and man continues to dominate and exploit woman.There should be a better and fuller understanding of the problems peculiar to woman, to shambling a olution of those problems possible. As these problems centre round the basic problem of In equating, steps should be taken to promote checkity of treatment and the full Integration of woman In the total development efforts of the country. Woman should get equal pay for the same work, and she be treated as an equal partner in the task of strengthen world peace. Suitable steps should be taken to secure these ends.These are near unanimity on the urgency and signifi rise of democracy, the movement for the emancipation of oman has gained ground all the over. In some western countries woman have more rights than In India. But still every where even In the most progress countries of the world, they suffer from a number of disabllltles and are regarded a social inferiors of man. It is a man-made society and man continues to dominate and exploit woman. There should be a better and fuller understanding of the problems peculiar to woman, to make a solution of those problems possible.As these problems centre round the basic problem of in compare, steps should be aken to promote equality of treatment and the full Integration of woman in the total the urgency and signifl India. But still every where even in the most advanced countries of the world, they taken to promote equality of treatment and the full desegregation of woman in the total rights than in India. But still every where even in the most advanced countries of the world, they suffer from a number of disabilities a nd are regarded a social inferiors of the urgency and signifi

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The electronic Frontier Foundation - Essay ExampleThe Electronic Frontier Foundation The organization is a non-profit organization that relies upon donations for their existence. One of the major areas that whop attends to is privacy rights. In 2008, the make out challenged the NSA policy of wiretapping, suing the NSA to end the surveillance of Americans and hold the government officials accountable who pursue these measures. The two cases that they brought were gem v. NSA and Hepting v. AT&T. These cases involved a lawsuit against the NSA for directly conducting surveillance on ordinary Americans. Hepting v. AT&T involved a lawsuit against the telecommunications giant because it was helping the government in surveillance measures. These cases were dismissed collectable to governmental immunity, and is currently on appeal in the 9th Circuit ( The EFF has also argued in a Senate Judiciary deputation that instanceless inquisitiones of individuals laptops and other elect ronic devices are not considered to be a routine search, condescension the fact that the Supreme Court found that border guards can conduct a routine search of people who are crossing the border. These are searches that can be conducted without a warrant or each a reasonable suspicion of any criminal wrongdoing. They also testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee that taking data from an individuals laptop or other electronic device should be considered to be a seizure under the Fourth Amendments prohibition of searches and seizures ( Additionally, the EFF has urged the senate to put more than oversight on border guards. EFF has also argued, successfully, in a Pennsylvania court that the teaching stored by kiosk phone providers as to the location of an individual is protected by the Fourth Amendment, accordingly the government has to have a warrant based upon potential cause in order to father theses records. The government appealed this decision to the Th ird Circuit Court of Appeals, and this is currently being considered by this Court ( The EFF also has worked to protect e-mail privacy, stating that the Department of Justices policy of requiring an e-mail provider to write prospective e-mails with only a subpoena and a court order not based upon probable cause is illegal, as the government needs to, under the Fourth Amendment, obtain a search warrant based upon probable cause, and this warrant needs to describe exactly what it is that the government is trying to obtain. In this case, the EFF filed an amicus brief in the case, as the case was brought by Steven Warshak ( The EFF also has helped consumers by helping them outwit proactive. The office that they do this is by publishing an on-line(a) guide for consumers that helps them understand what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to on-line and electronic issues. This is called Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD). In particular, this organization helps ed ucate consumers about government spying on computers, as well as data that is obtained through electronic means such as cell phones, and communications stored by third parties ( Moreover, the EFF also has launched a program to aid people in foreign lands about their rights regarding privacy concerns ( Free speech is another broad issue that the EFF. They have resisted the prostitute of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The DMCA gives providers immunity when they take down content, while not providing for a way to resist this. The EFF notes that there is a

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Report on Recommendations for changes the financial portfolio in Essay

Report on Recommendations for changes the pecuniary portfolio in response to various scenarios in Cheep Petrol (CP- the company is not real) plc (UK) - Essay characterble to demonstrate an excellent command of sophisticated energy derivative transactions while it strives to respond to the assorted energy risk management needs of its customers.Abstract Developing a framework for analyzing the investment parceling and investment structure decisions facing institutions. Our model should incorporate two key features i) value-maximizing institutions should have a tenable concern with risk management and ii) not all the risks they face can be hedged frictionless in the capital market. This approach allows us to show how institutional-level risk management considerations should factor into the pricing of those risks that cannot be easily hedged. Several applications should be examined, including the evaluation of proprietary trading operations and the pricing of unhedgeable derivatives portfolios.One of the total roles of investments of the companies and other financial intermediaries is to invest in illiquid financial assets--assets that, because of their information-intensive nature, cannot be traded frictionless in the capital markets. The standardized example of such an illiquid asset is to have a bond portfolio.Below were given developed diversify portfolios with varying risk/return profiles from conservative to aggressive. They are designed to help you choose a real-world portfolio suitable to your investment goals, time horizon, and risk profile.Asset allocation is the process of distributing wealth among different investment types, to the highest degree typically stocks, bonds, and cash. Asset allocation attempts to increase potential return and reduce risk in portfolios everywhere time.Research has shown asset allocation decisions are the most important factor affecting overall portfolio performance. go this process can be performed on any portfolio with two or more assets, it is most usually applied to the asset classes mentioned abovestocks, bonds, and cash. Studies between 1991 and 1995 demonstrated that allocation